Top 10 Ways To Save Money



5. Cancel Your Gym Membership

So many people I know have gone out and bought themselves a gleaming new gym membership at some point. Most of those people have then proceeded to never visit said gym, instead choosing just to cough up a, usually extortionate, monthly payment for little more than a fancy little card which they keep in their otherwise empty wallet. I am in no way hating on gyms; they are of course institutes of physical human endeavor and discipline. However they are not and were never intended to be suitable for everyone- there are actually other ways to exercise. Go for a jog around the block and follow it up with 200 press ups in your sitting your room. Finish it off with a shower in your own house- naked dude free.


4. Shop at Local Produce Markets

This is a double edged piece of saving advice. On one side you’re putting money in the pockets of small humble local businesses you should strive to support in place of multi-national conglomerates, and on the other you’re…saving money. In most cases the amount you save and on what products are factors both dependent on your location. In this day and age, it is naive to believe that all of your grocery needs can be fulfilled at your local street market; however the option is ideal for securing good deals on certain specialist products.


3. Do Your Shopping Online

The online market place is fast overtaking as the first choice for shoppers worldwide. Not only can you access all kinds of products from all over the world at the click of a button, but you are likely to find much better value for money than in your local mall. The convenience factor of this option is what propels it to this place in the list, being able to shop from the comfort of your own home is perfect for those of you out there who, like me, just can’t deal with shopping trips.


2. Avoid Designer Clothing

If you are one of those people who prides themselves on dressing in the same manner as their favourite celebrity’s, yet is struggling with personal finance- then it may be wise to change your wardrobe tendencies. Of course it is nice to have expensive clothes, but it is possible to dress well even spending half the amount of money you’re likely to part with for most designer labels. After all, they are just clothes and have no impact on the important things in life, your personality, for instance.


1. Make Money From a Hobby

If you are skilled in areas other than the one that provides you with your main income, then why not try to generate some extra cash utilizing it? Musicians, for example, could consider giving lessons to beginners. Not only would this enable you to be artistic every once in a while, but could give you a fair amount of self-satisfaction from running your own little business venture. With this example in particular, reasonable rates to charge clients could be in excess of $30 per hour. In time these things can even grow into bigger and better things, leading to an increase in overall wealth a few years down the line.



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