Top 10 Ways to Meet New People

5. Get Involved in a Church  

As humans, we are tightly bound by similar world views. This type of bond is often most evident in the religious/spiritual sphere. Find people who see things your way and hang out. Contrarily, as humans, we also thrive in diversity, so finding a group of people who are different but respectful can be very rewarding as well. These people will challenge us to understand more fully what we believe and explore more deeply why we believe it. These types of friendships can be absolutely priceless!


4. Learn to Make Small Talk

Wherever you are, strike up a conversation. It might feel awkward at first, but you will soon notice that the people you chat with will often leave with a smile on their faces if you approach them with a good attitude. Who knows? You might make someone’s day with just a word or two of kindness!


3. Starbucks

Coffee shop atmospheres foster community perhaps more than any other place I know. This is similar to a bar in the sense that you will be sitting around drinking and hanging out, but you won’t have to stay up super late for the party to start or deal with stupid pickup lines… at least not often.


2. Start a Conversation with People at Work

If you work in a building with several different businesses, it is very likely that you only speak to the people you know from your office, but why not branch out a little? Try striking up a conversation on the elevator or in the lounge. It doesn’t have to be profound, just share a random observation or drop a rightly-deserved compliment.


1. Decide to be a Friend

If you haven’t noticed already, the biggest trick to making new friends as an adult is deciding first to be a friend. Think about the types of people you want to be friends with and simply determine to use the opportunities your life offers you to be a friend to those around you. In return, you might be amazed at the friendships that begin to bloom around you.

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