Top 10 Unresolved Mysteries of Outer Space

The irresistible, mind-boggling fantasy comes to just about everyone, sooner or later: What if everything we knew, our whole universe, was just a speck of dust on someone’s shoulder? In something as vast as the universe, the celestial bodies are as many as the grains of sand on all the seashores. There are bound to be unexplainable phenomena that human mind is not able to grasp. The universe shows us how small we really are, and in a place so big, is it really valid to believe that we are alone? And is there any reason someone might not want us to know? Are there other realms? Do the mythical creatures we were told about exist out there? Are we all gona die? This is a list of what I believe to be some of the best mysteries and conspiracy theories of outer space.


1. Multiverse (Parallel Universes)

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The multiverse or meta-universe, metaverse is the hypothetical set of multiple possible universes (including our universe) that together comprise everything that physically exists: the entirety of space and time, all forms of matter, energy and momentum, and the physical laws and constants that govern them. The term was coined in 1895 by the American philosopher and psychologist William James. The different universes within the multiverse are sometimes called parallel universes.The structure of the multiverse, the nature of each universe within it and the relationship between the various constituent universes, depend on the specific multiverse hypothesis considered.
Many scientists dismiss this argument as nothing more than speculation. This is one mystery which can only be solved if we were able to travel there, however, with the expansion of the universe, it is unlikely humanity will ever find the answer.


2. Portals Connecting Universes?

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The Study begin by focusing on quantum teleportation which it deemed to be successful in relocating the ‘quantum state’ of relatively small objects across spatial distances but did not succeed in replicating the original object which was destroyed in the process. In particular the Study states:
“In q-Teleportation it is the quantum states of the objects that are destroyed and recreated, and not the objects themselves. Therefore, q-Teleportation cannot teleport animate or inanimate matter (or energy) in its physical entirety. However, some experts argue that because an object’s quantum state is its defining characteristic, teleporting its quantum state is completely equivalent to teleporting the object” What this suggests is that the ‘quantum state’ of an object at the place of origin can be relocated to another place and draw upon constituent physical matter to create a new physical object containing the relocated ‘quantum state’ while the old object is destroyed in the process. Basically, the new object at the destination has the ‘quantum state’ or essence of the ‘original object’ but is reconstituted with a new set of atoms, molecules, etc. Q-Teleportation has been successful on smaller objects according to the Study.

This opens gateways for cosmologists to think whether the undefinable black holes and white holes are the “in” and “out” of portals connecting different universes or different locations within our universe?


3. Earth and Mars were One Entity

Earth and Mars were One Entity
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Water on Mars is an expression for all the water present on the planet Mars. In comparison to Earth, water is much less abundant on Mars in all three states of matter. The colonization of Mars by humans is the focus of speculation and serious study, as the surface conditions and availability of water on Mars make it arguably the most hospitable planet in the solar system other than Earth. Mars has always been thought to harbor life by many conspiracy theorists, saying that NASA is covering it up. Many photos have also called into question civilization on Mars, such as the face on Mars, Pyramids on Mars, and photo of what appears to be an ape like figure sitting on a rock on Mars. While scientists have come out to debunk these photos while others believe mars was a part of earth and life form existed on it when the two separated.


4. Dark Energy

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Dark energy is the greatest mystery in the universe today. In physical cosmology, astronomy and celestial mechanics, dark energy is a hypothetical form of energy that permeates all of space and tends to increase the rate of expansion of the universe. By the law of gravity, large objects, like galaxy clusters, should attract each other, and their gravitational pull should pull in other objects. This however, is not the case, and the fact is most galaxy clusters are moving farther apart. Dark energy is the most popular way to explain recent observations and experiments that the universe appears to be expanding at an accelerating rate. In the standard model of cosmology, dark energy currently accounts for 74% of the total mass-energy of the universe. The exact nature of this dark energy is a matter of speculation. It is known to be very homogeneous, not very dense and is not known to interact through any of the fundamental forces other than gravity.


5. Dark Matter

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Albert Einstein’s equation E = MC^2 is perhaps the best known equation of the century. However when applied to space, an anomaly occurs. When we use it to determine how much matter the universe should have, we realize that we have only found four percent of the matter in the universe! Where is the rest of it? In astronomy and cosmology, dark matter is a theoretical form of matter that is undetectable by its emitted radiation, but whose presence can be inferred from gravitational effects on visible matter. According to present observations of structures larger than galaxies, as well as Big Bang cosmology, dark matter and dark energy could account for the vast majority of the mass in the observable universe.


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