Top 10 Ugly Animals with Cute Babies



5. Hyenas

And now for the dog’s distant cousin, the hyena. If some ugly animals make up for it with personality, the hyena certainly isn’t one of them. Sure, it likes to laugh but you can’t shake the feeling it’s laughing at you, not with you. It’s a scavenger who would eat you alive, given half the chance, but prefers you dead to start with. If the hyena was a person, it would be one of those old ladies that beats kids out of her yard with a stick. It would never get invited round for dinner, because of its unnerving laugh and tendency to eat the other guests.

But even hyenas make cute puppies. And this one is giving its mom a hug! Awww… Mom looks like she’s tolerating it for now…but that puppy might scamper away pretty quickly when Mom’s mood turns nasty!


4. Camels

While we’re on personality, the camel’s not one you’d choose to associate with either, is it? It spits, it makes appalling snorting noises and if it has to give you a ride it’ll do so grudgingly. It’s no looker, either with its unappealing humps and prominent teeth. Sure, it’s a useful animal – it’s even gone to war many times, in the Middle East and Africa. And nomad tribes often drink its camel-milk. But it’s not the friendliest or the prettiest animal.

On the other hand, this baby camel is so cute and fluffy it could almost be a lamb. No sign of those humps yet either. But just you wait….once it hits puberty, its face will turn as ugly as its temper.


3. Platypuses

You’ve got to feel sorry for the platypus. Native of Eastern Australia, it was discovered by explorers in 1798, and the first reports sent back to Europe were met with cynicism. Most eminent scientists of the day believed the platypus to be a hoax.The zoologist Robert Knox thought it may have been produced by some Asian taxidermist, while his contemporary George Shaw attacked the dried skin of the platypus sample to check for stitches.

Even now, it’s the butt of people’s jokes. It gets comments like “Oooh, you’re proof that God had a sense of humor” and “Who designed you? A committee?”. It’s got the face of a duck, the tail of a beaver and it lays eggs. It’s a bizarre animal. And not, it has to be said,  a looker. But these babies are pretty cute in their own way, aren’t they? Just look at those velvety neck-folds and tiny claws. They wouldn’t win any prizes in a beauty contest, but you’d at least give them a cuddle.


2. Warthogs

Another unattractive name, another unattractive animal. The words “wart” and “hog” are pretty ugly on their own, but put them together and you’ve got one of the prime examples of an ugly animal. Is it the tusks? The seemingly superfluous mane? The waddle? Who knows.

In fact, its 4 wart-like protrusions come in useful for storing fat reserves and as a defense when males fight. The male warthogs tend to stick to fighting each other though – when other predators like crocodiles and cheetahs threaten them, warthogs turn and run.

Despite its ugly parents, mini-warthog is still a bit of a cutie. No wonder that their mothers fight to defend them from owls and lions. Although not big fighters, a female warthog defending her piglets can do enough damage to a lion that it’ll bleed to death. These wartpigs are cute enough to fight for!


1. Aye Ayes

Maybe the ugliest creature of them all, the Aye Aye has been described as looking like a gremlin but really, that’s a bit harsh on gremlins. The Madagascarn primate has huge ears, long bony fingers and freaky yellow eyes.It was thought to be extinct in 1931, but was rediscovered in 1957, though it is still considered “Near Threatened”. Part of the reason they’re under threat is that local farmers consider Aye Ayes to be evil and will kill them to avoid them cursing their crops. You can see where the evil thing comes from – the witchy fingers and demon-possessed eyes don’t make it look particularly friendly.


Despite all that, we can still raise a little “Ahhhh” for this Aye Aye baby. Cause he can fit in the palm of your hand! Enjoy the attention now, little one….no-one will think you’re cute when you’re all growed up…in fact, they may think you’re the Devil incarnate. Sorry, little one!

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