Top 10 UFC Fighters of All Time



5. Frank Mir

Although he was temporarily injured by a horrific accident in 2004 involving a motorcycle, he has come back to reclaim his presence in the heavyweight division of the UFC. Although he has only held the heavyweight title once, he was beaten former title-holders four times in the heavyweight division and today he is still a force to be reckoned with in the ring.


4. Jon Jones

Despite having a young career and only being 23 years old, Jon Jones is one of the highest rising stars in the UFC. He became the youngest fighter ever to hold a UFC title and his ability to defend his title three times has labeled him as one of the greats. He has held his own against monsters like Rashad Evans, Lyoto Machida, and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. Being only 24 years old, the sky is the limit for Mr. Jon Jones.


3. Matt Hughes

Matt Hughes is easily considered one of the most accomplished welterweight fighters in the UFC. He had defended his title seven times and held it for two separate occasions. Not only that, but he holds the record for the most wins in UFC history. All of this skill has even landed him a spot in the UFC Hall of Fame and is only behind one other person with the most total fights of all time.


2. Georges St-Pierre

This man ranks second in all-time UFC wins and he only just starting. If you’ve ever watched him in the octagon then you can agree that he is the most technically sound competitor in UFC history. He is a savvy strike who can also knock you out when he sees the chance. Most people would agree that there are few fighters in the UFC who can even keep up with him, and one of those fighters sits right above him on this list.


1. Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva is a monster in the octagon. He is a master in Taekwondo, Judo, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He makes even the most skilled UFC fighters look like garbage in the ring. His ability to dodge and parry punches is unmistakably the best to ever exist in side of the octagon. He holds the record for the most consecutive wins at 14 and has defended his middleweight belt a massive nine times. Anderson “The Spider” Silva is undoubtedly the best to ever play the game and it is only a matter of time, most people believe, before he and St. Pierre stand toe-to-toe to battle it out for the best ever.

3 thoughts on “Top 10 UFC Fighters of All Time

  1. Good list, again you nailed #1, but I’d have had both Liddell and Couture in front of Tito Ortiz.

  2. I agree with silva at number one but man come on im not even old school but you gotta have gracie at LEAST in the top 5. I dont get the criteria for the list either because if its who would win if these guys were in a tournament it would be Jones or a HW with silva having a shot.

  3. Frank Mir does not belong on this list. I can think of at least 10 other fighters that should be there. If you insist on putting him in the top ten, there is no way he should be anything but #10.

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