Top 10 Tips for Sleeping in an Airport

We’ve all been there: your route flight has been cancelled and now you are stuck inside of the airport for another 12 hours. It happens all of the time and because of it, people lose sleep. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Since there is such a demand for people wanting to know this information, we are going to talk about the top 10 tips for sleeping better in an airport.


10. Have a Backup Plan

Realize that the majority of airport officials are not going to be entirely supportive of people sleeping in an airport. A lot of the times, they will ask you to leave until your flight is within two hours of landing. Basically, be prepared for those questions and also be prepared to present your outgoing ticket. And realize that if sleeping in the airport isn’t an option, you will need to go find a personal hotel so plan for this beforehand.


9. Expect a Cancelled Flight

As a general rule of thumb, always expect your flight to be cancelled. This is especially true if you are hearing reports of hurricanes, snowstorms, or other natural disasters occurring in or near the area where you are traveling. But either way, you should always expect a flight to be canceled for the simple fact that you will be more prepared when the time comes to actually sleep. This tip holds double for people who travel on a regular basis. Some essentially tools to bring with you would be a sleeping bag, pillow, and eye cover.


8. Be Safe

Whenever you find yourself sleeping in an airport, it is always a good idea to keep safety a priority. It is your job to know where all of the cameras are as well as security guards. While you don’t need to necessarily sleep right under their nose, you should be in their vicinity. This will prevent someone from stealing your things or causing harm to you while you are sleeping. If you are traveling alone, and are in a country that isn’t entirely safe, practice this tip with more fortitude because it could make the difference between being attacked and robbed or sleeping like a baby.


7. Bring Something Comfortable to Sit On

If you don’t take anything else from this article then make sure that you remember this tip. If you’ve ever been to an airport then you already know that those pesky chairs and curved seats usually have arm handles separating them. As someone who wants to fall asleep in an airport, this can make your objective very difficult to obtain. This is the reason you want to bring something comfortable to sleep on. Not only will it be much more comfortable, but it will prevent lumbar damage. And you don’t necessarily need a pillow either. Simply bring a towel, set it under your buttocks, and fall asleep.


6. Get There Early

If you are going to be staying overnight in a busy airport, you’ll want to get there early so that you can find a good spot. This is especially true if you are going to be there during the summer months when traffic is going to be at its highest. For example, an airport like London’s Stansted would really require you to get there early if you plan on finding an ideal location.



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