Top 10 Tips for Singing Better



5. Use Your Tongue

The best singers in the world know how to use their tongue and if you want to reach their level, you should start learning how to do the same. Basically, to really become good at using your tongue, practice saying this out loud: “la, le, lo, lu”. Repeat it over and over and continue to do so until you can quickly and effectively make it through the entire thing without messing up or stopping. This can be a really effective exercise that you can use to increase your singing capabilities.


4. Forget the “R’s”

This is a tip that is designed to help you eliminate that nasal sound that a lot of singers have when they aren’t too experienced. All that it means is that you should leave off the “r” at the end of all words that you are singing and replace them with an “ah” sound instead. This will result in a much smoother overall sound when you sing.


3. Find Your Key

Another simple tip that you can apply is this: locate your key. More specifically, locate your key and then try to find songs that match it. If you try to sing a song that is either too low or too high for your voice, you’ll sound off. The best singers in the world sound the way they do because they stick to their strengths and don’t venture too far out past their normal ton.


2. Relax

This is probably one of the most important tips that you can take from this article. To put simply, you need to relax when you are singing. If you’ve ever watched American Idol or any other singing talent show then you know that a lot of contestants get eliminated or sent home because they are nervous. Nerves can play a huge role in your overall sound as a singer. When your body is relaxed, you’re able to breathe easier as well as sustain a nice, solid tone.


1. Find Your Volume

We all have a normal volume at which we speak on a regular basis. Some of us speak rather loudly while others of us speak rather low. There is nothing wrong with having either attribute and as a singer, all that you need to do is located a volume that works best for you. Whenever you do this, you will be singing at a level that is comfortable for your body. Singing at the right level will prevent your voice from straining and should allow you to sound a lot better.

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