Top 10 Tips for Singing Better

Singing is something that almost everyone has the potential for, but that not a lot of people have been taught how to do. Some people want to sing to improve the sound of their garage band, impress friends, and even make it big. Whatever your reason may be, let’s take a look at the top 10 ways to become a better singer.


10. Breath

First and foremost, make sure that you are breathing. And when we say “breathe” we mean “breathe properly”. When you inhale, push your stomach outwards. At this point, you should feel your diaphragm rise. For those who don’t know, a diaphragm is the muscle that is located just above your stomach. This will allow you to take in more air and this extra air is what will allow you to hold pitch and sing more smoothly.


9. Open the Throat

Aside from breathing, try to be conscious about pushing your throat outward. Now this may sound like an odd concept so let’s talk about what this means. Basically, try to push your throat as far outward as you can while singing. This will allow your vocal cords to expand and will allow for much more sustainability with your notes.


8. Stand Up

There are few singers who can sound amazing when they are sitting down. The reason why there aren’t many singers who can do this is because sitting down tends to restrict your airway and prevent you from singing as smoothly as you want. While there is certainly nothing wrong with sitting down and practicing your singing, you should try doing it while standing up to achieve optimal results.


7. Shoulders Back

Whenever you push your shoulders back by a small amount, you can literally feel your chest cavity start to open up. A lot of professional singers and instructors recommend this as it will allow you to breathe much more easily as well as take quicker breathes while singing.


6. Open Your Mouth

This is a simple tip that not a lot of people think about. Basically, keep your mouth open. And make sure that you keep it open wide enough so that when you sing, you receive a better tone and overall sound. Opening your mouth while you sing will ultimately allow you to increase volume as well as have better pronunciation while singing.



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