Top 10 Strangest Creatures on the Planet

5. Hatchetfish

A hatchetfish is a rather odd sight to see. It lives in a world that is much different than ours and floats around deep, cold oceans without any real purpose. Most of these fish will spend their entire lives in complete darkness, which is kind of sad to say the least since they are a spectacular sight to see. What makes this one special is that it has the capability of producing organs on its sides that light up. This is what allows it to escape predators as well as lure in prey. As scary as this fish may look, it is only a few centimeters long and is no threat to humans.


4. Hairy Crab

Also known as the “Yeti Crab”, this sea crustacean lives in the water and will spend the majority of its life throwing poison. This is very useful because it helps protect them from any other fish who may be watching them as a potential dinner. They have color blindness and like the other sea creatures in this article, they will spend most of their life in complete darkness. It’s funny how nature sends the most bizarre animals to the depths of the ocean where few, if any, people are ever going to see them.


3. Leafy Sea Dragon

This fish closely resembles a sea horse and will survive by pretending to be a piece of sea weed in the sea. It will swim very slowly and it will look practically invisible to prey. Predators rarely recognize it and because of this, the leafy sea dragon has been able to survive generations in the ocean. This amazing little creature also has some strange reproductive habits. For example, the female will lay her eggs into the body of the male and he will be the one to carry them until they hatch. They reside along the coasts of Australia.


2. Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko

The name is scary and the animal is bizarre. If you were to see one in the wild, it would look a lot like a decaying leaf. Because of this, this gecko will hardly be eaten by predators. They are predominantly found in Madagascar and they survive in the forest along with thousands of other animals. Although they may look very intimidating, they are harmless to humans. Unfortunately, leaf-tailed geckos are endangered and have been reduced to about 10% of the total amount that used to exist in the forest. Regardless, they are a unique species that should be appreciated for their originality.


1. Hermeroplanes Caterpillar

This is a humble creature that lives in the wilderness of Mexico and Central America. While it is relatively normal looking, it can undergo a massive transformation when threatened by predators. Basically, it will branch with its back legs and make the front part of their bodies larger. From there, it is ready to inject venom and because of this sight a lot of animals won’t even try to mess with it. As an adult, they will transform into a moth that is radically different than what you see in the photo. Unfortunately, not a lot is known about this creature, although has earned its reputation for the strangest animal on earth.

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