Top 10 Strangest Businesses That Made Money

We live in a society where people are always coming up with new ideas and innovations. These ideas are often brilliant, and really contribute to the overall benefit of our society. But then there are those businesses that are just “out there”. Below, we are going to show you the top 10 strangest businesses that managed to earn millions despite being different.


10. Million Dollar Homepage

How silly would it be to sell 1,000,000 pixels at a dollar a piece on a website called the “Million Dollar Homepage”? It sounds fairly dumb as most people would agree. But this didn’t stop 21-year old Alex Tew from transforming this idea into a real money making process. Today, he is a millionaire and the website itself is still up and running and has not turned into an “online museum” so to speak.


9. Santa Mail

Okay, here is another brilliant idea: pretending that you’re Santa Claus and charging parents $10 for every letter that you send their kids. Also note, each letter is signed and sent from the North Pole itself. It sounds really bizarre when you think about it. Well, Byron Reese didn’t think so and he ended up selling about 200,000 letters throughout the course of his businesses career. In the end, it made him about a million dollars richer.


8. Doggles

Wouldn’t it be nice to sell goggles for dogs on the Internet? Most people would see this as a failed plan but this didn’t stop a team of people from becoming millionaires off of this “grand” idea. The website is still up today and you can even go in and purchase your own set of Doggles for your pet.


7. Laser Monks

Laser Monks is basically an eight-monk team that resides in the hills of Monroe County who are responsible for refilling ink cartridges. Now at first glance, this may seem like an idea that wouldn’t get too far off of the ground. And judging by the fact that these monks probably didn’t have much business experience, it would be hard to predict that they earned a whopping $2,500,000 in 2005. Keep in mind that all of this money goes to the church (so they say).


6. Antenna Balls

You can’t sell antenna balls online. There is absolutely no way. The profit margin simply isn’t there. There aren’t enough people who are interested. These are some of the comments that Jason Wall heard before he started selling antenna balls on the Internet. Today, he is a millionaire.

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