Top 10 Pristine Island Honeymoon Destinations

5. Jamaica

Jamaica is relatively convenient island to travel to for North Americans. Its location, coupled with a prevailing Rastafarian view on life and Christianity makes for a unique Caribbean experience. In the shadow of an increasingly derelict Cuba, Jamaica provides everything you are looking for in an island honeymoon. There are white sand beaches, waterfall hikes, watersports aplenty and lounges for enjoying the sun. Jamaica is home to many endemic (not found anywhere else in the wild) species of flora and fauna. These include many lizards, birds, bats and one small land mammal (the coney). There are a few areas (such as the Black River) where crocodiles make their home, so be wary. Behind Jamaica’s peaceful presence is a history of violence. After Columbus landed, the native Taínos were wiped out through mistreatment and disease. Jamaica was also a hotspot for the African slave trade. It is well worth your time to seek out historical monuments of these times past, for better or worse.


4. Langkawi

Malaysia has many hidden jewels surrounding its waters but perhaps none so shiny as Langkawi. Langkawi’s two islands are fast growing in popularity. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the beach monkeys as you sip your cocktail. A recommended place to check out would be the Andaman Resort although you can save some money by eating nearby instead of on premises. Daytime and nocturnal jungle walks are on tap as you explore the unique fauna on the island, including the iconic colugo. An ideal destination for nature lovers, Langkawi offers a wide array of reptiles, birds, mammals, and marine life to discover. Many of these creatures will be found among the resort itself, so be sure to look around. Langkawi sports a truly unique combination of jungle and beach, something harder to find then you might think.


3. Hawaii

It is easy for Hawaii to be overlooked among a list of lesser populated and developed destinations. It would be a fault, however, to pass over the pristine options that the USA’s 50th state has to offer. Hawaii sits at the northern tip of the Polynesian islands (a grouping that includes the Cook Islands, New Zealand, Samoa, etc). The state itself has a nice mix of Asian, Polynesian, and North American culture. The Island of Maui is a sure bet for conservative honeymooners looking for surf, sand and service. For the adventurers, Big Island (a well thought-out name, I know) offers plenty of space to play around in. The premiere place for seaside resorts would be the Kohala Coast along the north of the island. Check here for a short description of the many islands that make up the Hawaiian archipelago.


2. Tahiti

If you are looking into a honeymoon, chances are you’ve already seen Tahiti’s iconic over-water bungalows. These trademark accommodations alone have helped put Tahiti at the top of honeymooner lists worldwide. One thing that separates Tahiti from the other destinations on this list is its renowned black sand beaches. French and the indigenous Tahitian language Reo Maohi are widely used, although you will find English speakers aplenty at the resorts themselves. Much of the interior land on Tahiti is uninhabited, affording special views of unspoiled island nature. Tahiti is also the spot of the famous Mutiny on the Bounty, where a ship’s captain lost his crew since Tahiti’s island life was so appealing. If the Tahitian islands can fleece a captain of his crew, they can sure win over the hearts of you and your loved one.


1. Fiji

Fiji is the premiere destination for an island getaway. This Pacific island country has an enormous amount of island resorts catering to a multitude of budgets. The main island, Nadi, is full of luxurious and economical accommodations. The famous “Denarau Island” area hosts many upper scale accommodations (most of which are, in reality, on the main island of Nadi). If you are willing to take a drive, the southern “coral coast” of Nadi is lined with affordable options such as The Warwick and The Naviti Resort (which has an all-inclusive package). Regardless of what you decide to do on the mainland, the islands offshore of Fiji are where the true magic lays. It often pays to spend a few nights on the mainland and a few on the islands, if you are looking to save some cash. Find a resort that matches your budget and go. Many of these places will accommodate families also, but they will do their best to provide you with a romantic time away from the kiddies. Many of the islands are close together, so try to scratch up the money for a place like the Liku Liku Lagoon Resort, even if it’s just for a day. Fiji is marked by extraordinarily friendly people and beautiful coral reefs. When you buy souvenirs, make sure they benefit a nearby town (as many do). Oh, yes, and check out the fire walkers.

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