Top 10 Prison Ecapes of All Time

As long as we have had prisons, we have had people escaping from them or at least trying to. These escapes have taken place in many forms, from armed getaways to sneaky escapes in the night. In this article, we are going to list some of the most widely known and exciting prison escapes of all time.


10. Maze Prison Escape

On September 25th, 1983, 39 prisoners escaped from a prison in Northern Ireland. They used explosives to blast holes in various parts of the jail system and even killed a police officer. Twenty other prison officers were injured during the escape. The guns that were used during the escape were smuggled into the prison by an accomplice and were later used to force their way out. Maze was considered a relatively complex prison and the prisoners had to do a lot of jumping and weaving to fully make it out. After a few barbed wire fences and an 18-foot concrete wall, 39 escaped.


9. Alfred Hinds Escapes

Alfred Hinds was a British escape artists and criminal who was serving a 12-year prison sentence for armed robbery. He managed to break out of high security prisons three times prior to this. After being sentenced for the 12-year felony, he escaped once again by sneaking through a series of locked doors and finding a way over a 20-foot prison wall. Because of these series of escapes, he later became known as “Houdini” Hinds.


8. The Texas Seven

On December 13th, 2000, a group of 7 prisoners made it onto America’s Most Wanted after elaborately escaping a high security prison in Texas. After their escape, they went on a robbing spree where they managed to accumulate over $70,000 in cash and jewelry. At one point, the bounties for their capture were about $500,000. Two days after making onto America’s Most Wanted, all of them were caught.


7. Alfred Wetzler

Very few people escaped Auschwitz during the time of the Holocaust. However, one of the lucky ones who managed to do this was a man named Alfred Wetzler. He, along with a co-conspirator, created a plan that would allow them to escape. They mapped out the entire camp and where all of the gas chambers, holding cells, and crematoriums were. Their plan was to provide this map to the allies upon their escape. On April 10th, Alfred walked over 80 miles, guiding himself away from the camp and towards the allies.


6. Stawomir Rawicz

Stawomir was a Polish solider who was arrested and placed in a German prison in 1939. After surviving a series of torture sessions, he decided that he was going to do something about in. On November 19th, 1939, he quickly made his getaway and was able to make it back to his home country to share his story.


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