Top 10 PlayStation 3 Games

This particular list goes out to all those console gaming fans and just so you know, this list is not the end of it. Stay tuned there are more lists to come that will be discussing games. In this list, we will be discussing the top ten Play Station 3 games. Play Station 3 is the latest in the PS series by Sony and I am sure you are all familiar with the technicalities. I myself am not particularly a console gamer, I prefer my games to be on the PC and having said that, I will be discussing those games in the upcoming lists as well. I believe that most of you will be familiar with the games I am about to list down. Play hard people!



GTA IV - Top Ten PlayStation 3 Games
GTA IV was released on the 29th April, 2008. It is an action-adventure open world video game developed by Rockstar Games. Before I forget, download GTA for the iPhone, it is brilliant. You know exactly how the game works and it speaks for itself. It sold around 3.6 million copies on the first day of release grossing in over $500 million. It was a highly anticipated game and was worth every dime.



Little Big Planet 2 - Top Ten PlayStation 3 Games
It was released on the 18th January, 2011. This too is a puzzle platform game (one more is discussed below). The game centers around user-generated content and was developed by Media Molecule. The game is a direct sequel to LittleBigPlanet. Three million different levels were created by the users in the first game and they are playable in the second installment as well. The game debuted to be numero uno on the UK All Formats chart. It sold over 400,000 copies on the Black Friday in November 2011. The game sold 353,000 copies in the first couple of weeks after its release.



Batman - Top Ten PlayStation 3 Games
The game was released on the 25th August, 2009 for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It is an action-adventure game and is based on the DC Comics. Batman: Arkham Asylum was developed by Rocksteady Steadies in the UK. The game involves Joker and his efforts to create an arm to threaten the Gotham city. Of that, Batman soon learns. It earned an average of 92% on GameRankings and is highly critically acclaimed. The game can also be played in 3D, which I think is absolutely awesome.



inFamous 2 - Top Ten PlayStation 3 Games
infamous 2 was released on the 7th June, 2011. It was developed by Sucker Punch Productions. infamous 2 is an open world action-adventure video game. It is the sequel to infamous that was released in 2009. People in this game have super human abilities and they are called Conduits. It takes place in a modern-day world. The people were created by a device called Ray Sphere. During the first month of its release, it sold almost 369,000 copies just in North America.



Red Dead Redemption - Top Ten PlayStation 3 Games
The game was released on the 18th May, 2010. It was developed by Rockstar San Diego and is an open world action-adventure. The game takes place in the year 1911 (most of it). It was the year of decline of the American Old West. It follows an outlaw who is out to hunt his former gang members. He is a bounty hunter and the government has held his son and wife as a hostage in exchange for his services. The poor guy has no choice so he sets out to bring the three gang members to justice.


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