Top 10 Pink Girly Mobile Phones



5. Blackberry Pearl Pink

Blackberry Pearl Pink
The pink BlackBerry 8110 is a phone that means business. While it’s pretty on the outside, it’s ready for work on the inside.
This handset doesn’t just flit about town with its cute looks. It can also keep you up to date with all your work emails and help you navigate around town, using the built-in GPS. It even has Wi-Fi, making it the pink phone of choice if work is as important to you as style. It comes up with:
– CPU    32-bit Intel XScale PXA272 312 MHz processor
– 2 megapixel camera
– Bluetooth
– 32 mb internal memory + 64 mb ROM + cardslot upto 4gb
– Half qwerty keyboard
– wi fi
– Gps
– java


6. LG KM 900 Arena Pink

LG KM 900 Arena Pink
The dusty pink LG KM900 aka LG ARENA is functional and subtly sexy at the same time. Practically it is a mid-level touch phone, featuring:
– S-Class Touch UI
– 5.0 megapixel camera
– Wi- fi,  usb
– Multi-touch input method
– Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate
– Proximity sensor for auto turn-off
– 8 gb internal memory + upto 32 gb card
-Gps and Gs
– Dolby enhanced speakerphone
– Java


7. Samsung F480i La-fleur

Samsung F480i La-fleur
This is another one of the pink phones that is great for people who want a camera phone. It’s a  touchscreen phone loaded with features for both the camera and the phone device itself. People who enjoy the touchscreen device don’t have a lot of options for pink phones yet so this one is a winner in that category as well.
It features:
– 5 megapixel camera
– speakerphone
– videophony
– internal memory of 160 Mb + card slot (upto 16gb)
– Bluetooth
– Java


8. LG KS360 Pink

LG KS360 Pink
Another good basic phone that comes in pink is this phone which was the first sliding QWERTY phone created by LG. However, it’s a pretty feature-packed phone as far as basic LG phones go. The QWERTY keyboard makes it a terrific tool for text messaging. If you’re the kind of person who likes to communicate via SMS then this is a good choice. What’s great about the color of this phone is that the pink is hidden. The front of the phone is a basic black color with just a few pink accents. Then you slide it open and the keyboard area reveals the pink coloring..
– 2 megapixel camera
– 15 mb internal memory + microSD upto 4gb
– full qwerty keyboard
– speakerphone
– bluetooth
– java


9. Sony Ericsson Z610i Pink

Sony Ericsson Z610i Pink
This sony ericsson comes in rose pink that is the kind of phone that women get when they don’t want to deal with a smartphone and instead just want a good phone that works right. The sleek mirror finish on the front cover gives the phone a jewel-like quality that is complimented by a hidden ‘magic mirror’ display which can only be seen when in use. It features:
– 2 Megapixel Camera
– Speakerphone
– Bluetooth
-16 mb internal memory +  Memory Stick slot upto 2gb
– Video telephony
– java


10. Samsung X830 Pink

Samsung X830 Pink
This basic phone in blush pink tells how soft your inner side is, yet it doesn’t suppress your style. On the outside, a pink frame surrounds a pink scroll wheel, and on the inside, you get two columns of pink keys. It manages to pack in features of:
– 1.3 megapixel camera
– Internal memory of 1 gb
– java


LG KM 900 Arena Pink

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  1. I really want a iphone 3g in pink but i live in the uk . please can you find me a differnet way of getting it.

  2. I really want a Nokia X6 but in thailand, it’s super expensive…. ><

  3. soooooooooooooooo beautifull mobiless….i like all mobiles which iz here……..relly beautifull..

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