Top 10 Oldest Newspapers In History



5. Post- och Inrikes Tidningar

A government newspaper belonging to Sweden served as the official platform for news, announcements, critical information, bankruptcy news, auctions and advertising. Queen Christina and Chancellor Axel Oxenstierna in 1645 came up with the idea of producing a regular medium to work as a long running public channel. The process worked when every postmaster around Sweden wrote about the narrations and events they heard and all these notes then became a lengthy newspaper. Since January 1 2007 this newspaper turned digital because the owner saw no promising future and said that it was a “cultural disaster”.


4. La Gazette

La Gazette or more precisely Gazette de France was a French newspaper or some reported it as a magazine back in 1631, an age of drastic revolutions and mayhem. Nouvelles à la main or hand written notes were used to document and circulate the news all around France which quickly became a tedious and a chaotic medium of a news channel, but then this newspapers came along and changed everything especially one particular division of French royalists used it frequently to address their interests and policies. This newspaper was discontinued in 1915.


3. Courante uyt Italien, Duytslandt, &c.

The very first Dutch newspaper ever to be printed successfully and retained its populace for quite some time between the years 1618 and 1629. Its first regular weekly print came out in 1618 in Amsterdam, the capital city of Netherlands. The header or the name of the publisher and other reference is not available for this newspaper because at that time none of this related information was printed on the newspaper itself, but later judging from the news published in it people have come closer to its roots, but still it was a very old single sheet of quality news ever printed in history.


2. Avisa Relation oder Zeitung

It was 1609 in Wolfenbüttel, Germany, the age of Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation when this periodical came out to the public which contained news from around the globe, government news, changing policies and other political discussions. Lucas Schulte was the man responsible for this newspaper, but whoever it may be I would certainly love to hold this piece of paper, I mean 1609! Damn! That’s old


1. The Relation

The World Association of Newspapers battled to place the world first newspaper on stand between The Relation and Avisa Relation oder Zeitung, and the winner was The Relation which actually was called “Relation aller Fürnemmen und gedenckwürdigen Historien”. Entire credit goes to Johann Carolus for bringing in such an invention, an invention that meant shaping the public interests, announcing the country’s reforms, awareness about the changing world and so on. This newspaper is in a German Language and dates back to 1605 in Strasbourg during the era of the Holy Roman Empire.

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