Top 10 Mythical Creatures

As if there wasn’t already a plentiful plethora of creatures available for the perusal and scrutiny of always curious humanity- a fair few have been fabricated in the past that, to be fair- totally trump most known ‘real’ species. From flying horses to hysteric women with snakes for hair, it’d appear we have a gift for myth. That was terrible, my apologies.


10. Behemoth

Mentioned originally in Job 40:15-24, the Behemoth is a creature said to be the ‘primal unconquerable monster of the land’ in later Jewish writings. The word itself still holds a place in language today, as a verb used to describe that of huge or vast size and power. With this alone, it’s far from hard to fathom the nature of the beast- described as the demon of lust and gluttony in some texts- the Behemoth is known for its huge razor sharp teeth and claws.


9. Phoenix

Emerging from an Ancient Egyptian myth, the Phoenix is a majestic bird with a close relation to fire. Typically portrayed as possessing gold and red feathers, it is said that a Phoenix is not only born of fire but subsequently chooses to end its 500-1461 year lifespan in the same fashion- constructing a nest which it then goes on to ignite. Once destroyed a young Phoenix will then rise from the embers- or so it is written.


8. Minotaur

Known for his unmistakable characteristics and physical appearance, the Minotaur comes from Greek mythology and is said to possess the upper body of a bull and the lower body of a man. He dwelled in the centre of a huge labyrinth build especially for him by King Minos of Crete and is said to have been killed by Theseus, the founder King of Athens.


7. Centaur

Another Ancient Greek myth, the Centaurs were a race said to possess attributes akin to both man and horse. This mix caused much inner conflict, with a human half desiring to act in a way cultured doing combat on a frequent basis with the uninterested animal instincts of rowdiness, violence, booze intake and other miscellaneous primal urges. To be honest, I think they sound like a cool bunch.


6. Leviathan

The seas equivalent of the Behemoth, the Leviathans roots too lie in biblical scriptures. A beast of unfathomable size, the Leviathan was said to possess glowing, intensely cryptic eyes and an annoying habit for causing much havoc upon the sailors of its day. Though mentioned in the Old Testament, it is unclear whether the beast was created by God or Satan.


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