Top 10 Musical Trios

5. Rush

Canadian prog-rock titans Rush are little less than a religious institution among some factions of fans. The first incarnation of the band emerged all the way back in 1968 in Toronto, Canada- when youngsters Alex Lifeson, Jeff Jones and John Rutsey got together for a jam. Within a few years the band was hyped for very big things and had landed on its current line-up- incorporating Geddy Lee on bass and vocals along with Neil Peart on drums. Rush have gone on to enjoy success as one of the world’s leading rock acts, second only to The Rolling Stones and The Beatles for most consecutive Gold or Platinum selling albums ever.


4. Cream

As one of the many blues infused psychedelic rock acts of the 1960’s, Cream managed to create a hell of a lot of fuss during their brief yet explosive time together. Comprising of vocalist/guitar player Eric Clapton and a warring rhythm section made up of bass player Jack Bruce and drummer Ginger Baker, Cream made 4 albums in 4 years- each of which was as good as the last. Despite the bands seeming unwillingness to co-operate as team members (which eventually caused their premature demise), the music they made was nonetheless huge, both for its time and for a 3-piece band.


3. The Jimi Hendrix Experience

During his spell as the world’s most exciting musical figure, Jimi Hendrix produced music as part of a number of bands. The first, and largely considered the best of these groups was entitled The Jimi Hendrix Experience and featured Englishmen Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell on bass guitar and drums respectively. The three albums made by the trio were all included in Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 best of all time, and the group were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992. Enough said.


2. The Jam

As pioneers of the British punk rock and mod movement, The Jam epitomised many of the characteristics still prevalent within the genre, including of course a 3 member line-up. Formed by Paul Weller in an English secondary school in 1972, The Jam took its first steps with somewhat of a fluid line-up. Eventually settling by the middle of the decade- the band went on to achieve much acclaim until their split in 1982, releasing 6 albums and touring the world extensively. Much of The Jams work is considered to have been very influential since its release, especially amongst the English rock bands of the 80’s and 90’s.


1. Nirvana

A band that I am sure needs no introduction; Nirvana was created by frontman Kurt Cobain in the desolate surroundings of Aberdeen, Washington- in 1987. After shaky beginnings and a self-funded debut album entitled ‘Bleach’, Nirvana eventually found a place to call their own within the famous Seattle grunge scene- which was at the height of its popularity at the time. The band worked its way through a number of drummers before settling with Dave Grohl in 1990, who stayed behind the kit until the groups separation in 1994 following Cobains death. Releasing 3 studio albums over their 7 year career, Nirvana still enjoy a reputation as one of the biggest names in rock music ever- influencing a huge amount of today’s rock stars with their famous disregard for the norm as well as their sonic and straight forward style.

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