Top 10 Musical Trios

Effective 3-piece acts have appeared in a manner both scarce and effective over the years, with the mastery of a wholesome rock sound proving to be a difficult feat when confined to the capabilities of just 3 musicians. There have however been some trios that have managed to build and hold their own place within the VIP party that is the popular music industry.


10. Blink-182

Say what you will about these Californian scamps, but they sure can make some catchy music. Despite starting out as a somewhat derivative 3-chord punk rock band back in 1992, Blink have come a very long way over the course of their 6 albums- transforming from masters of the immature to anthemic master-craftsmen, and enjoying a very successful career in the process. Despite splitting in 2005 shortly after the release of their critically acclaimed self-titled LP, the boys reformed amid individual success in 2009, releasing latest offering ‘Neighborhoods’ in 2011.


9. Depeche Mode

Active continuously since 1980, Depeche Mode have gained a reputation as one of the most influential and hardworking electronic bands to have ever blessed the airwaves. Although their roots do go back into the late 70’s, Depeche Mode was formed officially in Essex, England in 1980 by friends Vince Clarke, Andy Fletcher and Martin Gore. Despite commonly hosting a harem of other musicians on stage during their live performances- these 3 have been responsible for Depeche Modes compositions since day 1.


8. The Police

England in the 1970’s was a very diverse place in the terms of the population’s ethnicity and religion- one result of this integration was new music. With soul and reggae increasing in popularity over the course of the decade, it wasn’t long before three white boys decided to give it a go. The Police were formed in London in 1977 by American drummer Stuart Copeland, who recruited musicians Gordon Sumner (Sting) and Henry Padovani- in an eager attempt to join the growing punk scene going on in the City at the time. The result however leaned more towards roots music and reggae, with Andy Summers overtaking guitar duty before the band’s first anniversary.


7. Muse

Formed in the quiet Southern English town of Teignmout, Devon in 1994- it has taken Muse a while to get to where they are today. Maintaining the same 3 members since their formation, Muse have released some 6 albums- becoming one of the most celebrated bands of this generation. The 3 musicians which comprise the group are Matt Bellamy (guitar, piano, lead vocals), Dominic Howard (drums) and Chris Wolstenholme (bass, vocals) all of whom were childhood friends and formed the band whilst still relatively young- which if anything makes their continuous ability to work together so effectively all the more impressive.


6. Beastie Boys

Beastie Boys originally formed as a hardcore-punk band in New York in the early 1980’s. Although finding some recognition as punks, it was the success of an early hip-hop tinged single entitled ‘Cooky Puss’ which convinced them to take a new approach. Around this time, a young Rick Rubin began DJing for the group- he then went on to create Def Jam Recordings and subsequently produce the band into the huge tongue in cheek hip hop superstars they have become. Up until Adam ‘MCA’ Yauchs tragic death earlier this year, Beastie Boys had been performing with the same line-up since 1983.

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