Top 10 Movie Cameos



5. Drew Barrymore – Scream (1996)

Perhaps the most iconic scene from this movie; or even the franchise as an entirety- the first (and best) Scream opens with the classic ‘what’s your favourite scary movie’ phone call. Everyone knows it, but what many people (or maybe it was just me) fail to realize is that the unfortunate recipient of the call is portrayed by Drew Barrymore. Originally in line to take up the role as main character Sidney Prescott, Barrymore’s schedule would not allow the time- so instead she agreed to take the smaller role of first victim Casey Becker.


4. Charlton Heston – Waynes World 2 (1992)

The second part in Mike Myers early triumph ‘Wayne’s World’ still holds its place as an extremely important comedy, even after almost 20 years since its release. The cast list is impressive on its own, even without the long list of cameo appearances which dwarfs it completely. The likes of Jay Leno, Tim Meadows and Steven Tyler all make appearances in the flick- however the standout cameo moment comes from the unmistakable Charlton Heston. After stopping to ask for directions from a gas station attendant- a disgruntled Wayne (Myers) stops to ask the camera if the actor playing the attendant is the best they (the movies producers) can do, having been unimpressed by his performance. Heston then takes centre stage for the most emotive dialogue in the entire movie, bringing Wayne to tears.


3. Tom Cruise – Tropic Thunder (2008)

Not really known for his ability to be gut-achingly funny, Mr Tom Cruise shocked the world in 08’ when he appeared as part of Ben Stiller’s all-star funny-man cast in the action packed ‘Tropic Thunder’. Appearing alongside Stiller, Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr. and Steve Coogan- Cruise takes up the role of an overweight, over hairy talent agent under the impression that his top actor has been poached by a rival agency, when in reality he has been poached by a group of guerrilla militants. In a plot so jammed up with comics being varyingly hilarious, Cruise does well to step away from his usually more serious nature and shines through as being on-par with his co-stars.


2. Christopher Walken – Pulp Fiction (1994)

Regularly championed as being one of the greatest movies ever released, Tarantino’s sophomore masterpiece features an all-star cast including John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis- however the scene that sticks with me most is the one and only featuring the raw capabilities of Christopher Walken. Filling the role of a Vietnam veteran telling a young Butch (Willis’s character) a story highlighting the importance of a particular family heirloom, Walken is flawless in every aspect of his performance.


1. Martin Scorsese – Taxi Driver (1976)

In a movie full of erratic characters and dark subplots, director Martin Scorsese makes an appearance as one of Travis Bickles (Robert DeNiro) many strange fares. A bearded Scorsese in his 30’s takes the role of an unsettling man seeking revenge on his cheating wife, via way of a 44. Magnum, in a brief yet intense scene. After having a wary and silent Bickle pull up outside an apartment block, Scorsese goes on to explain what they are doing there- and more specifically what he intends to do about it. I won’t go into detail at risk of ruining it for those who haven’t seen it/causing mass offence to many people- however the clip can, unsurprisingly, be tracked down on YouTube.





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