Top 10 Most Religious Places

Whether you are someone who is religious or not, faith is something that people have had since the beginning of time. For some, religion is a major factor that dictates how they live. For others, it isn’t as serious. Below, we are going to show you where religious people spend their time as we talk about the top 10 most religious places on Earth.


10. The Karnak Temple Complex

Located in Egypt, this religious location began in 14th century BC. It was created by the pharaoh Ramses the second and has stuck around ever since. Every year, millions of people flock here to check out what happens to be one of the largest religious sites in the world. It is an area that is packed with sanctuaries and stone carved temples. There are forests of pillars here so it can really make for an exciting visit. If you’ve ever watched Transformers: Revenge of the fallen then you may have seen this religious location in the film.


9. Callanish Stones


These were built roughly in 2900 to 2600BC, around the same time that Stonehenge was being built. The legend has it that this religious location is the remains of a major Christianity worship center and there are even Callanish stones that you can touch. Upon visiting this religious location, you may be bombarded with tons of people. Every year, thousands upon thousands make the venture to this location to experience a once famous religious center.


8. The Ziggurat of Ur

While the name may sound a little odd, the Ziggurat of Ur happens to be one of the more famous religious places in the world. It was said to have been built in the second millennium BC and it contains several temples. The temples were said to have been built to resemble the Great Ziggurat of Ur. This religious location is in Iraq and it is definitely one of the better known wonders in the ancient religious world.


7. Pyramids of Teotihuacan

One of the greatest cities of the world also happens to have one of the most famous religious spots too. While nobody knows for sure who constructed it, it is very recognizable and very popular for both locals and tourists. The pyramids were mainly used as an area to conduct human and animal sacrifice. If you were ever to walk past this religious location, you would find it easy to believe that many great religious festivals were held here. The Pyramids of Teotihuacan are located near Mexico City, Mexico.


6. Delphi

Located in Greece, the Delphi has had a profound effect on the Western world. It was said to be a worship center for Apollo and it was considered sacred to most of the Greek city states. While the temple now lies in ruins, it was once very popular and it contains many shrines and temples to prove this. Back when it was constructed, it was a religious place where people could come and speak with a religious oracle that could provide them with “spiritual” advice. Today, it is still relatively popular in the religious community.

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  1. you can not say these Religious places as they look like Ancient Historic places , the most Religious n Holiest places on no 1 , Kaaba Sharif in Makkatul Makrrama and on no 2 is Masjid e Nabwi in Madina tul Manawara , Saudi Arabia .

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