The Top 10 Most Memorable Sports Moments



5. Mark Spitz: Wins Seven Gold Medals in 1972

The year was 1972 and the Olympic Games were underway in Munich. Mark Spitz won seven gold medals in the water, a record beaten in 2008 by Michael Phelps. Despite being completely exhausted, after participating in over 13 races, he kept on winning and winning. He claimed medals in several different events as well as became a world record holder in those events. To this day, he remains a legend in both the swimming and Olympic community.


4. Liverpool: Wins Fifth European Cup in 2005

Many would agree that no European final will ever come even close to matching the 2005 championships. Down 3-0 at the half, Liverpool decided that the game was far from over. The captain of the team, Steven Garrard, decided to make other plans and quickly amped up his team for the second half. Once back on the field, Liverpool scored a miraculous three goals in only six minutes of play. Eventually, they won the game by shoot-out. This is considered one of the greatest comebacks and greatest sports moments of all time.


3. Roger Bannister: Breaks Four-Minute Mile in 1954

Few can argue that one of the greatest running milestones that has ever been broken was when Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile in 1954. For a long time, beating a four-minute mile was something that coaches, athletes, and even scientists said was impossible. Deciding that he would be the one to break the record, but short on time, Bannister would train for about four hours per day. He broke the record with a time of 3 minutes of 59.4 seconds on May 6th, 1954,


2. John McEnroe vs. Bjorn Borg: Wimbledon Finals in 1980

There have been few moments in the history of tennis when two rivals match up as well as these two great players had done in 1980. In Wimbledon that year, McEnroe and Borg played a grueling fourth set and were fighting for a tie breaker. While most people believed that McEnroe would win the entire thing, Borg came back to take the match. It was one of the greatest upsets in tennis history as well as one of the greatest moments.


1. Derek Redmond: Finishes Race in 1992

Derek Redmond was from Britain and had a very promising sprinting career ahead of him. As a matter of fact, he was projected to win the quarter-finals of the 400m race of the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. And despite his best efforts, Redmond snapped his hamstring about halfway through the race and was forced to the ground. However, this didn’t stop him from wanting to finish. In a lot of pain, he hopped towards the finish line. His father, who was in the crowd when it happened, came down to finish the race with his son. Derek’s father slowly helped his son off of the track, who was crying as 65,000 people watched. While it may have not been a victory, it was definitely one of the greatest sports moments of all time.

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