Top 10 Most Expensive Baseball Cards



5. Lou Gehrig $275,000

Leave it to Lou Gehrig to pass on a legacy through a baseball card worth about two hundred and seventy five thousand dollars. The condition of the card sold at this price was superb and it is one of the few cards to get a PSA 10 grade. This more than a quarter of a million dollar card is definitely rare and certainly valuable.


4. Mickey Mantle $282,000

So the price continues to escalate. The Mickey Mantle 1952 baseball card is quite easily the most traded baseball card of the 1950s. It was loved by baby boomers and the image of Mantle on the plate alone sent people rushing to purchase his cards. Just so that people are aware, this baseball card is also the most sought after to duplicate for baseball card counterfeiters.


3. Joe Doyle $329,000

This is another super rare card from the American Tobacco Company set. This card is extremely rare and its circulation has virtually stopped. It is one of the few cards where there are less than seven in existence. If you happen to stumble upon this card, or even own it, then you’re most likely in for a huge payday.


2. Babe Ruth $517,000

Babe Ruth was one of the most successful and accomplished baseball players of his time. His legend has been immortalized and he will also be remembered as one of the greats. Did you know that the 1914 Babe Ruth baseball card is worth just over half a million dollars? It goes to show the power that Babe had over the game. While his card did not make it to number one on the list, one thing can be said for certain: he is one of the greatest to ever play the game.


1. Honus Wagner $2,000,000

Leave it to the Honus Wagner 1909 baseball card to be worth almost two million dollars. This is something that definitely doesn’t happen every day and it just goes to show the power of supply and demand in the baseball card industry. Most people won’t argue: this is the rarest and most valuable baseball card on the books today. It was once even owned by legendary hockey player, Wayne Gretzky, at one point. While it is worth this much today, it is certainly possible that the price of this baseball card is going to increase. Some experts suggest that it may be worth twice this amount in forty years, assuming that it was still in the same condition.

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