Top 10 Most Eccentric Artists

When it comes to art, opinion is divided – some people don’t understand it at all and have no idea why anyone would pay so much for it, while others really see what the artist is trying to transmit. Art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. However, when it comes to the artists themselves, opinion isn’t very divided at all. It’s pretty much universally acknowledged that artists are eccentrics, and the more bizarre the individual, the better the art. So meet the people behind the art with our Top 10 Most Eccentric Artists.


10. Tracey Emin

A modern artist to start with, and one that shot to prominence in 1997 by presenting a tent with the names of her lovers on the side of it, entitled ” Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963–1995″ (she was born in 1960, so the first few are, you’d hope, a platonic kind of sleeping). Two years later, her unmade bed, complete with soiled underwear, was exhibited in the Tate and Emin was nominated for the Turner Prize. Emin is unlikely to dispute claims that she’s a bit eccentric in life as well as art – her biography was called “Strangeland” and has the line “Here I am, a….crazy, anorexic-alcoholic-childless, beautiful woman”. Anyone who’s seen one of her drunken, swearing TV appearances would probably agree that she’s a little crazy. Still, she’s made a career out of being eccentric and is now Professor of Drawing at the Royal Academy in London.

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