Top 10 Most Deadly Creatures


5. Komodo Dragon

An extremely famous predator, the Komodo Dragon is a species of monitor lizard indigenous to the Southern Indonesian islands of Komodo, Rinca, Flores, Padar and Gili Motang. Unique among the lizards in its large size, as well as its taste for a good pack hunt, the Komodo dragon is a formidable predator indeed. Possessing a slightly venomous bite used to slow its prey, not to mention a habit of devouring an entire carcass over a relatively short period of time, Komodo Dragons have been causing havoc upon other creatures in their native habitat for millennia.


4. Carpet Viper

Native to the dry regions of Africa, the Middle East, India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, the Carpet Viper belongs to the Echis genus of venomous vipers. Accounting for a considerable percentage of yearly snake bite deaths, this creature is formidable world-over. Possessing a characteristic ‘sizzle’ threat display, created by rubbing sections of its body together, Carpet Vipers are known to attack humans regularly. It’s venom consists primarily of haemotoxin, and as a result the effects enacted on victims of its bite usually entail the destruction of red blood cells, clotting, organ failure and tissue damage. Despite being commonly smaller than most other deadly snakes, the Carpet Viper is nonetheless fearsome and will usually move towards its aggressor when threatened, a characteristic rare amongst serpentines.


3. Wandering Spider

To put the deadly nature of this god-awful looking arachnid into some kind of perspective, the Wandering Spider has a reserve of venom twice as potent as that of a Black Widow. Whilst far less known than the Widow; the Wandering Spider is the undisputed champion of eight legged death regardless. Indigenous to South America, the spider takes its name from its fondness of surprising (and simultaneously scaring to death) human beings by turning up in completely unexpected places. It’s venom is a precise mix of neurotoxin and serotonin, and whilst the former causes your bodily functions to shut down at a dramatic pace, the other overloads your brain and causes ridiculous amounts of pain all over your body. On top of being the deadliest spider on Earth, at least in terms of poisonous capability, the Wandering Spider is also regarded as the most henceforth and aggressive. Oh, great.


2. Mosquito

The Mosquito is a breed of small fly, or Culicidae. Whilst some species of Mosquito are pretty much harmless, there are those capable of causing a lot of trouble to human beings. Due to their parasitic nature, particularly in relation to their habitual consumption of blood, Mosquitos have made quite a name for themselves in the spreading of troublesome illnesses and conditions, in particular malaris. Feasting on the blood of all manner of creature, in particular mammal livestock and human beings, they have become increasingly susceptible to the claim that they are indeed the most dangerous living creatures on the planet. This is most likely due to their covert nature and mass numbers.


1. Blue Ringed Octopus

A return to the warm inviting waters of the Indo-Pacific see’s us examine today’s top-spot creature, the Blue Ringed Octopus. Though small in size and seemingly attractive (what with its bright blue rings…), this creature packs enough punch to wipe out between 20 and 30 people IN ONE GO. With a sharp beak capable of piercing a wetsuit, the venom possessed by the Blue Ringed Octopus acts to completely paralyse its victim, and can be administered rather easily. With anywhere between 50 and 60 vivid blue rings covering its dorsal and lateral surfaces, this really is a fascinating creature.

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