Top 10 Colourful Animals

5.    Weedy Sea Dragon

The Leafy Sea Dragon is a weird, wonderful and colourful underwater creature. Not only does the female produce 250 eggs at a time and the male looks after them. And he shouldn’t lose them either – they’re bright pink!


4.    Temminick’s Tragopan

With an orange and brown quiff and a chest that looks like a whale shark lying on top of a heart, the Temminick’s Tragopan is certainly striking. It’s no surprise it’s considered to be the world’s most handsome pheasant.


3.    Bird of Paradise

Not only does the male Bird of Paradise have fantastic colourful plumage, he dances, poses and completely changes his shape to woo the less exotic-looking females. Still, lucky girls!


2.    Sockeye Salmon

We might tan in the heat, or go red if we get embarrassed, but imagine if the colour of your skin completely changed with your environment? That’s exactly what the Sockeye Salmon does – normally blue and silver they turn red and green before spawning.


1. Panther Chameleon

Red, white, green and blue – and that’s just some of the time. The Panther Chameleon has an amazing ability to change colour to hide itself. But unlike us, it can’t pick what colour coat it wears – that’s affected by temperature, light and even its mood!

This is a guest blog by BBC Earth

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