Top 10 Colourful Animals

Life is made of many stories. There’s the red one, the blue one, the wow one, the people one, the animal one.

There’s the one that makes you giggle, and the one that makes you well up.

Life is the stories of all its heroes. The tiny ones, the unexpected ones, the scary ones, the big and ugly ones.

And here, Life is Colourful…

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10.    Monarch Butterfly

Everyone loves butterflies, especially these pretty ones. But their beautiful colours actually serve as a warning to predators not to eat them because they’re poisonous.


9. Sailfish

The Sailfish’s blue stripes certainly make a statement but it’s nothing to do with fashion. They light up when the Sailfish hunts, confusing their prey and letting their fellow hunters know what they’re doing. Now that’s a useful use of colour!


8. Lesser Flamingo

Did you know the famous pink Flamingo’s lovely colour comes from pigment in the algae it eats? They do say you are what you eat…


7.    Clownfish

The Clownfish may look pretty with its bright orange and white stripes, but it’s covered in slime. It is essential to the fish forming one of nature’s great teams with the sea anenome though – they are dependent on each other to survive and the slime protects the Clownfish from the anenome’s sting.


6.    Blue-Footed Booby

Females are attracted to the male Booby’s brilliant blue boots, so it’s lucky for them that they get even brighter if they miss a mating season.


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