Top 10 Greatest Leaders in History

Throughout history, there have been many great leaders. There have been both men and women who have done away with social conformity and gone on to accomplish amazing things. Leaders are few and far between but when they come, people do follow. Let’s take a look at the top 10 greatest leaders in history.


10. Hitler

Yes, you read this correctly. Despite being the creator of the Nazi party, Hitler was a captivating leader. This isn’t to say that he was a good person because most people would certainly agree that he wasn’t. However, when it came to leading Germany’s military into forgoing mass genocide, he succeeded. Through his charisma and wit, he managed to brainwash millions of people into believing that it was the Jews fault for all of their country’s problems. While he has done terrible things, he is one of the greatest leaders in history in terms of leading people.


9. Odysseus

If you’ve ever dabbled in Greek mythology, you would know that Odysseus was a very famous Greek king. His achievements during his ruling have been immortalized in history. He was well known for is superb combative skills as well as his cunning ability to lead people. Odysseus was the person who managed to trick the Trojans by gracefully bating them into accepting a wooden horse as a gift. Little did the Trojans know that the horse was full of Greeks, who were ready to unleash on the city.


8. Caesar

Also referred to as “Augustus”, Caesar was the first emperor of the Roman Empire. He ruled all the way until the day of his assassination on 14 AD. However, during his time at power, he had managed to accomplish a lot. His power was global and his reach was secure. Although he did make many false promises, as many of Rome’s rulers had done before him, he was quite easily the most powerful ruler of his time. Because of that, he has secured his spot as one of the greatest leaders in history.


7. Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great was known for his smart military tactics and his ability to out maneuver the enemy at any moment. Because of this, he has been remembered as one of the most powerful and effective military rulers of all time. He was definitely the most successful as well. He managed to conquer entire cities, even when his army was outmatched. Sometimes, the cities would surrender without one person being killed. Alexander the Great was a natural born leader who will be remembered for a long time.


6. Joseph II

Joseph II was a ruler who ruled the Holy Roman Empire from 1765 to 1790. During this time, he became known as one of history’s most unselfish leaders of all time. For quite some time, there was a stereotype associated with rulers- and that was that people in power eventually become corrupt. But through his many years, he managed to abolish slavery and accomplish many great things without turning over to the dark side.


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