Top 10 Futuristic Weapons Currently in Development

5. Corner Shot Launcher

An odd collaboration between both Israeli and German defense development firms, the Corner Shot Launcher needs little in the way of explanation. From the image alone I’m sure even the most un-militarised of us can work out the perks carried by this model. The combination of a hinged frame, an under barrel camera and a screen linked to said camera make this an elite urban-combat weapon- gifting the user with the ability to not only fire from cover, but peek round corners without putting that neck on the line. Though announced around a decade ago, the Corner Shot Launcher is yet to be deployed by either nation’s military.


4. Hybrid Insect MEMS

Perhaps the most futuristic and intriguing concept available for your perusal on this list, Hybrid Insect MEMS are essentially half bug half highly intelligent robot. Created by introducing a micro-mechanical system to the unsuspecting insect whilst in the early stages of metamorphosis (cocoon or pupae stage), the bug will, for lack of a better word, be programmed thence forth to perform any number of suspected functions- mostly likely information gathering (spying..) or as a detector of radiation or gas.


3. DREAD Silent Weapon

As utterly brutalizing as it sounds, this weapons system will possess the capability to fire off a pretty much ridiculous amount of 120,000 fully accurate rounds in a single minute. As if this wasn’t impressive (or far) enough, the DREAD Silent Weapon system will also function completely on electrical energy instead of gunpowder- eliminating not only downsides such as recoil, but noise and heat too.


2. Aurora Excalibur

Perhaps the single item on this list expected to be a reality sooner than the others, the Aurora Excalibur is an unmanned aircraft that can take off and land vertically as a helicopter would, and can reach speeds in excess of 450 miles per hour. This system of take-off enables the Excalibur, which was tested with complete success in the summer of 2009, to be extremely versatile in terms of its use- without the need for a runway (or even a pilot!) the things are likely to cause all sorts of mischief. The Aurora Excalibur is expected to carry missiles and/or other grossly destructive propellants and can/will be controlled completely by a dude on the ground with an Xbox controller (at least that’s what I envisage).


1. XM-25 Grenade Launcher

Strictly undeserved of a place (let alone the much coveted top-spot!) on this list as a result of the fact that it has been used in field operations in Afghanistan since early last year, the XM-25 is nonetheless a ‘future’ weapon. With the ability to fire as many as 25 highly explosive grenades at pretty much any physically viewable distance with the aid of a highly intricate computer predetermination/programming aspect- what makes the XM-25 particularly savage is not solely its futuristic bringing together of gun and computer, but the fact that it’s extremely versatile and could essentially be carried as a secondary weapon by any soldier.

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  1. It should be noted that the plane mounted laser is the basis of the main conflict in val kilmer’s epic, Real Genius, the pic is from the movie as well

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