Top 10 Exercises for a Flatter Stomach

Almost everyone would enjoy having a flatter stomach. This is why some people spend hours at the gym working out their abs. Your abdominal muscles are your core and having strong abs does more than just look good, a strong core makes every activity easier.  Below, we are going to cover the top 10 exercises that will help strengthen your core and flatten your stomach.


10. Hip Lifts

In order to do this exercise, you’ll need to start by lying down on your back. Be sure that your arms are placed by your side and that they are facing forward. Next, you’ll need to keep your knees straight while raising your legs to about a 90-degree angle. Now, tighten you abdominal muscles. As you do this, lift your hips up off of the ground by a few inches. Hold this position for a few seconds and then rest. Continue this process until you get tired.


9. Leg Raises

This is another powerful exercise that you can do to achieve a flatter stomach. Similar to the first exercise, you’ll want to begin by lying down on your back. Place your hands underneath you and then cross your legs so that they connect at a 45-degree angle above the ground. Once you raise them, you may feel some pressure on your back. This is normal. Hold this position for as long as you can and then rest.


8. Plank

Planking is a great example of an abdominal exercise. Not only will it help you get a flatter stomach, but it will also build your core muscles and make them stronger. To begin, get into a push-up position and only hold your body up by your elbows and toes. Keep your body as straight as possible. Now, tighten your abs and hold this position for at least thirty seconds. If your schedule permits it, try to do planks three to four times per day.


7. Chair Lift

To do this exercise, find a chair without arms and a straight back. Grab the sides of the chair while tightening your abs. Make sure that your hands are slightly further in front of your hips. Make sure that you are using your hands because they will help provide support as you pull your knees in towards your chest. Try to get your knees as high as you can. Hold this position and then slowly lower them back down. Repeat this process three to four times.


6. Leg and Arm Stretch

In order to do this exercise, you will need to have an exercise ball in your possession. Place your chest on top of the ball and make sure that your hands are in front of you, flat on the floor. While in this position, raise your left arm and right leg. Try to raise them as much as possible without lifting your head and without shifting your back. Hold the position that you’re in for about five seconds then rest. Next, you’ll do the opposite motion: raise your right arm and your left leg and then hold that position again. Each switch is considered one set and you should be doing ten of them per training session for optimal results.


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