Top 10 Common Misconceptions



5. The Great Wall of China is Visible from Space

A very famous misconception believed at some point by all, there is some truth in this. Many have claimed that the 5,000 mile long construction is the only man made thing which can be seen from space, whilst it is true it can be seen from a low orbit- it is far from being unique in this aspect- many things can be. As well as this, the wall cannot be clearly made out from a high-orbit, as nothing man made can- except when viewed through a very powerful lens of course. Whilst many scientists claim the feat is theoretically possible with the right weather conditions etc. the lens power currently needed is that some 5 times the strength of the human eye.


4. The Red Juice in Raw Meat is Blood

You can be forgiven for believing this one in the past, as it just seems so obvious that the red stuff which runs out of raw meat is blood. However this is in fact a misconception, hence its placement among the other imposters on this list. The liquid which runs from delicious steaks and the like is in fact a mixture of the water which constitutes the tissue itself and a protein by name of myoglobin, which is red in colour. The myoglobin is what makes the meat red in the first place, distinguishing it from white meat- which subsequently rarely contains excess or blood like liquid.


3. Blood is Blue in the Veins

Some believe that human blood, whilst still in the veins, is in fact blue instead of its classic red. Whilst there is no solid way to know whether it isn’t blue, the main theory in support of this claim has since been disproven. The theory declared that blood was blue until it met with oxygen, as it usually does when shed from the body- however this can be disproved in several ways. When blood is taken into a needle for example, it meets no oxygen yet appears red- if anything a little darker than normal. It would appear little effort may have gone into deterring this misconception, as many medical and educational texts are known to portray the veins as being blue on diagrams and the like.


2. Sushi is Raw Fish

This one was unknown to me. Call me uncultured or whatever- but I can’t be alone on this one? It turns out Sushi does not refer to a traditional dish of oriental origins which contains raw fish, but a specific type of vinegared rice. The term for the raw fish option is actually ‘sashimi’ a dish that is commonly served alongside sushi. This does kind of make sense to me now, it also makes me feel a bit stupid for complaining about the lack of raw fish on display each of the 3 times I’ve ever been for ‘sushi’.


1. The Color Red Enrages Bulls

This one is simply crushing. If you’re finding this out for the first time I would like to offer you my condolences and undying sympathy. It turns out those idiots in stupid jackets in Spain and the like just use the red sheet as an excuse for their torment. Who’d have guessed it? Apparently Bulls, just like many of their fellow mammals- are red-green color blind and so cannot possibly be reacting to the red. Instead, the Bull is likely to be opposed to the general mannerisms of the guy getting on his nerves- I’d probably get annoyed if he started doing that to me.

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