Top 10 Cars of 2013

5. Chevy Sonic RS

The Chevy Sonic RS of 2013 is expected to sell for about $22,000, and rightfully so. It has a 2.0 liter engine that allows it to reach turbocharged speeds. The 138 horse powered engine will allow anyone to sail down any stretch of open road. The overall design of this vehicle is relatively modern and its sleek shape allows for less resistance.


4. Subaru WRX

This car is expected to come out in early 2013 and will sell for a little over $27,000. This is a car that will sit a lot lower than most of its cousins and it will also be more compact. The lower engine has many advantages; one of them is better handling around curves and corners. The Subaru WRX has tremendous balance and will prove to be a nice, sporty vehicle for a lot of drivers.


3. Jaguar F-Type Roadster

While the name suggests a later date, the Jaguar F-Type Roadster is expected to hit the road in the summer of 2013. For those drivers who are willing to pay $60,000, you will be rewarded with a 380 horse powered, 2.0 liter engine. This is a six-cylinder engine as well, which means that it will have slightly better gas mileage than other cars of similar power. This car has eight speeds, is automatic, and is loaded with start-stop technology.


2. Audi A3

This vehicle is expected to launch in the middle of 2013 and will sell for about $30,000. For those who don’t know, this car will be based on the VW Golf. This is a very powerful car with a lot of traction and handling.


1. Chevy Corvette C7

Gone are the ideas that a split rear window and turbo charged, V-6 engine could appear in a car. Now, it has become a reality. The Chevy Corvette C7 is a sleek design and will debut in Detroit Fall 2013. Selling for $50,000 and up, it has 440hp and a 6.0 liter engine. Prepare for this vehicle to make a huge impact in the car world.

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