Top 10 Brutal Torture Methods



5. Keelhauled

Practiced by those most likely to stalk the high seas, namely pirates- Keelhauling was a particularly twisted method of torture/execution favored when shark infested waters were scarce. The victim was tied to a rope and pulley, cast into the ocean and pulled from port to starboard (or starboard to port- who knows) via the underside of the vessel. Aside from the massive risk of drowning, doesn’t sound too bad eh? Until of course you take into consideration all manner of sharpness likely to be latched onto a ships keel. Have you ever seen a wooden hulled boat out of water? You were more likely to be shredded to pieces by barnacles before you managed to drown.


4. The Pear

A crude insight to the perverse nature of our species, the pear or ‘Popes pear’ was used to intrude the victims most private of private areas. Fitted with a screw on one end, the device was capable of inflicting malicious and prolonged levels of pain and humiliation upon a victim. Usually reserved for (female) adulterers and homosexuals, given the state of medicine during its time of common use- there was rarely any coming back from it.


3. Rat Torture

A sickeningly clever form of torture, this one involves an extremely unlucky person, a metal bucket and a variety of unpleasant rodents. The rodent, commonly a rat, was placed into a bucket with the open side blocked by the flesh of the abdomen of the victim.  Once heat was applied to the bucket, the rodents instincts would kick in- with it realising the only way out of this ‘brazen bucket’ is through the floor (being aforementioned abdomen)- the rat was forced to bite and claw its way through the body of the victim- ensuring a death certain, though far from instant.


2. Two Man Saw

In this torture, the victim was hung upside down with their legs bound apart before being slowly cleaved in half by two dudes with a massive saw. Starting from the genital area, the saw was slowly worked down through the victim’s body until they died of blood loss. The real trick to this technique was the whole hanging upside down part- due to the constant supply of blood to the head incurred as a result of this, the victim would take longer to pass out- if he did at all, in turn feeling and even seeing the blade work its way slowly to their heart.


1. Scaphism

Originally documented as a punishment practised commonly by the Ancient Persians, scaphism is the embodiment of human intelligence gone wrong. The intended victim was bound to a boat, force-fed milk and honey to the point of voiding their bowels, smeared in a similar solution and cast out upon a stagnant lake or pond. The idea was that the sweetness of the honey combined with the ever amounting faeces and heat (Persia was a hot Empire wasn’t it?) would attract all manner of insect to pay a visit to the helpless victim. Eventually, the bugs would go on to colonise areas of the victim, breeding and feeding as they do- making for a long, drawn out and generally disgusting demise.

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