Top 10 Birthday Celebration Ideas



5. Camping Trip

There are only a select few things you can do these days that take you back a couple of centuries, to the days of the nomad. Camping is one of those things, and is something you could consider doing to celebrate your 21st Birthday. Its positives far out-weigh its negatives in my opinion, if you’re in the woods relaxing around a fire with friends then who cares about not being able to shower? Lakesides are prime for this option, so pack up the car with beer and food and head off. It’s as simple as that. Don’t forget your tent though, or your dinghy for that matter.



A classic student pastime, the road trip is truly an all-American institute. Driving ridiculous distances can be a lot of fun, well so I hear anyway. As well as offering you the chance to spend a lot of time with people you may like spending a lot of time with, you get to see sites and experience parts of a vast country you may never get the chance to again. Part of the fun with this option is in the planning, every detail should be thought about meticulously. Or, you could just start driving and see what happens.


3. Sky-diving

Some people just dig extreme sports. Many would state the sky-dive as being the king of such sports, one of the ultimate must dos in modern adrenaline junkism. It can be pricey however, and so when better to justify the money on throwing yourself out of a plane than your 21st Birthday?! Getting someone else involved may add to the fun, as it’s always better to be completely terrified with someone you know and love. With this option, fear is however known to quickly subside for ecstasy- making this option seriously worth consideration.


2.Beach Getaway

If you’re one of those people that love’s lazing about on a sunny beach for days and days on end, then this; the second in my top 10, could be just the way for you to spend your 21st birthday. There are a range of destinations to fit all budgets; however you will need a good bit of dollar to get this one off the ground. Whether heading to Florida, Cali or the Caribbean- as long as there’s sun, sea and cocktails- you’ll be on the right tracks. Top tip: don’t get drunk then go swimming.


1. Music Festival

Earlier this year I spent my 21st Birthday at one of the world’s biggest Rock festivals. It rained the whole time, the mud was knee deep in some places- but I had one of the best weekends of my life. Spending time camping out in a field with close friends (and 80,000 like-minded strangers), occasionally staggering off to see some great bands, is from experience- an excellent way to spend your 21st. Although ticket prices are steadily on the increase, prior planning can once again reduce expenditure and guarantee a great time for any music lover. This is strictly for people whose birthdays fall over the summer of course…

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