Top 10 Birthday Celebration Ideas

The 21st Birthday is somewhat a milestone in our society, the age of maturation in the eyes of institutions big and small. You only get one chance to celebrate it, one chance to forge memories which must live on for the rest of your boring adult life. Of course, everyone has differing interests; some may find my suggestions unsavory whereas others may be inspired by them. It is for the latter group which I write this.


10. House Party

Perhaps the most obvious birthday celebration idea ever, but for a reason. The house party has been with us for a long, long time and offers those who opt for it a familiar surrounding coupled with (mostly) familiar people and as crazy time as they wish. Whether you go for sophisticated champagne and canapé type affair or loads of booze and a metal band, there is much fun to be had with this option. Another pro is budget, having a house party is one of the cheapest ways to celebrate your 21st Birthday. So whether you’re a struggling student or just don’t have all that much money to blow, a house party might be the choice for you.


9. Clubbing

Another rather obvious choice, clubbing can be a lot of fun. Every moderately sized city in the country possesses some kind of club scene, and now you’re finally old enough to get involved! Whether with your better half or a group of 35 friends, clubbing allows you to choose your preferred atmosphere with a little prior research. Not the most original of ideas, considering you theoretically have the rest of your life to do it, clubbing does however pretty much guarantee the opportunity to meet some new people- which is always good fun. Depending on your desired destination, budget varies- the bigger and more renowned the city the more $ you’ll need.


8. Dinner Party

Perhaps an option for the more sophisticated young people out there, a dinner party can be the ideal way to celebrate your 21st quietly with a special group of friends, family or even a love interest. Whether cooking yourself or even hiring a chef, the food is paramount in importance (closely followed by the wine), so make sure it’s perfect. With this option, you would do well to have a backup plan in place should the party meet sudden or unexpected peril, why not head out to a club?


7. Barbeque

Think of this option as a less formal version of the dinner party. A group of friends/family, an ice bucket full of extremely cold beer and loads of fresh meat- sounds good to me. Of course, being from the UK, I don’t get that many chances to have a barbeque- so when the time comes I try to do it right. You will need some music too, in the background of course- just to keep things flowing along nicely. Location is quite important but anywhere outdoors and private will do. Swimming pools win you extra points.


6. City Break

Go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go! Whether for a night, a weekend or even longer- a trip away with some friends, your partner or on your lonesome is always refreshing. Whilst budget comes into play to an extent, something can always be worked out no matter how much you have to spend. Early planning can help you avoid a lot of unnecessary spending later on, as can planning your itinerary down to the finest detail. If you are of the spontaneous variety- it’s probably advisable to accumulate as much cash as possible.


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