Top 10 Best Surfing Beaches


5. Restaurants: Tavarua Island, Fiji

You would probably notice that we have mentioned the worlds “busy” or “crowded” when describing most of the beaches on this list. However, the next beach is something quite different. What really makes this one stand out is the lack of people who surf here. It is one of the premier beaches on Tavarua and this island limits the amount of people allowed on it each day. This exclusivity allows for some individual surfing with few people and big, fast waves.


4. Surfrider Beach: Malibu, California

Today, this beach is a mecca for California surfers and has waves that break right off of the West Coast. Although Malibu has been labeled as a prime area for surfers, it can be quite crowded during some parts of the year so a lot of people like to seek refuge down the beach or at a different spot. But if you are lucky enough to find a spot here, you will experience perfect waves that you can sometimes ride for up to a quarter-mile.


3. Hanalei Point: Hanalei Bay, Kauai

Hanalei Bay is a surfer’s paradise and probably offers one of the best scenic views as any other beach on this list. Sure, it may be boarded by mountains that spill waterfalls and jagged cliffs, but that isn’t why most people come here. Surfers come here for the waves. Even experienced surfers find these waves challenging and while most of them only get about 15 feet high, they are fast and challenging and can really force you to step up your game.


2. Banzai Pipeline: North Shore, Oahu

This is ground zero for best surf spots and is arguably one of the better ones in the world. The North Shore Pipe is very busy from October to March and there is always a good spot to grind here. Most waves are so perfect that they almost look like they belong in a cartoon. But there is nothing funny about them. Some can be incredibly dangerous for novice riders and the sheer power behind them requires a skillful mind behind the board.


1. Supertubes: Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

Last but not least on our list, we have the J-Bay. This one will receive all of our accolades as being the best surf spot in the world, mainly because it is. The name itself exudes power and speed while at its peak this beach can produce waves up to 15 feet high. It is the single best domain for surfers as well as long boarders and even beginners can find nice spots to settle.

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