Top 10 Bands That Should Have Been Bigger



5. Failure

Active between 1990 and 1997, Failure made their own place amongst the big bands of the time- namely Soundgarden, Nirvana and Bush. Taking a perhaps more classic and gentle approach with their angsty alt-rock, Failure were quickly snapped up by a label and shipped off to record a debut in 1992. Several support tours followed for the group, as is normal for a band at that stage in their career. Two more LP’s followed in 1994 and 1996 respectively, both of which were well received, however they called it quits in 97’, which was a real shame.


4. Venom

Formed in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England- in 1979, Venom is a famous name amongst the metal community- due to their reputation as the first band to write songs carrying the genre traits of what is now known as ‘black metal’. Their initial run from 79’ to 1993 saw some 8 studio albums being released- further confirming the extremely hard work ethic of metal bands during this era. With their disbandment in 93’ however- much of Venoms momentum was halted, with other bands using their would-be invention to rise to prominence within the genre during their absence. Though reforming in 1995 and still enjoying a relatively successful career, they could have been huge.


3. Mudhoney

This Seattle based band has been active continuously since their formation in 1988, cutting albums, touring the world in the same vein now as 20 years ago. Kudos to them for this effort, as although they do make a living more than healthy from what can only be imagined as their most pure of passions, Mudhoney are definitely one of the lesser known groups from the scene which spawned them. Though lead singer Mark Arm cut his teeth as part of ‘Green River’, the Seattle ‘grunge’ band which many cite as being the first of the rest- Mudhoney would not go on to find the same huge success as the projects of other Green River members.


2. The Music

English alt-rockers The Music only recently called it quits after a 12 year career which saw the well-received release of 3 albums. Though more talked about in their earlier days, there was little to signal The Music could become anything but huge at the time of their dissolution. Maybe they were simply disheartened by the unstoppable rise of peers such as Coldplay following similar beginnings in the early 2000’s .


1. Neutral Milk Hotel

The poetic, almost hymnal song writing capabilities of this band- in particular their lead singer/leader Jeff Mangum, are something to behold. Blending graceful, jaunting melodies with the nerdish obscurity associated with the best of indie bands- Neutral Milk Hotels influence upon the many who would follow in their steps is little less than seminal. Active from 1989-1999, the band only released 2 studio albums- a fact which surely must be one of the 20th centuries most crushing tragedies. Released 4 years apart, ‘On Avery Island’ and ‘In the Aeroplane over the Sea’ are both lo-fi journeys into the netherworld of NMH’s collective consciousness. Tackling beauty, unity, sex and death with equal measure.


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  1. Spot on with this list.. Especially the Number one. Jeff Mangum’s talent far exceeds that of any current, working artist.

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