Top 10 Backpacking Destinations in the World



5. Borneo

A must-visit for any avid lovers of wildlife, the island of Borneo is located in South East Asia and is home to a simply unbelievable range of animal and flora alike. The rainforest which engulfs much of the nation is thought to be around 130 million years-old- and as a result is literally alive with an unending array of creatures and habitat which many have spent their lives attempting to come to terms with.


4. India

As a nation of 31 states, 1618 languages, 6400 castes, 6 ethnic groups and 29 annual festivals- India is unlike any other country on the face of our planet. As a hive of culture many a traveller has ventured into the nation only never to emerge as the same person. India is regarded not only as an unending land wherein you can lose all sense of identity, but as a nation steeped deeply in faith and custom. Whether seeking an eye opening adventure or looking to lose all sense of yourself- India caters for all in some way or another.


3. Eastern Europe

Despite the fact that many maintain a sense of distance when it comes to Eastern Europe as a result of most of its comprising countries former USSR status- nowadays the area offers some of the most exciting new destinations for holiday makers, adventurers and backpackers alike. From the sun-kissed beaches of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast to the sprawling raw countryside of Albania and even onwards into the mystery of Russia itself- there’s a lot to be discovered and for a reasonable expenditure.


2. Vietnam

Another country that is perhaps dismissed more than is fair, Vietnam is a bona-fide backpacker’s paradise. Despite possessing a long, worn-torn history- the nation is most definitely on the up. Whereas the thick life filled jungles, the culturally enriching rural areas and the boisterous and fun loving cities were once the stage for intense warfare- nowadays they are more suited to a trip that will change your life forever.


1. New Zealand

There is literally one downside to visiting New Zealand- the immensely long flight. Other than that there is no reason not to go and explore this island nations many lakes, forests and mountain ranges. From sparse nothingness to some of the most lively party towns and cities found anywhere on this fine Earth- New Zealand has held many a traveller in awe for as long as it’s been viable to actually get there without spending 3 months on a boat. Located even further south into the Pacific than their Australian neighbours, the people of New Zealand comprise mostly of native (Maori), Irish and Scottish stock. The surreal backdrop of unimaginable natural beauty coupled with the fact that the nation’s first language is English makes New Zealand an utterly irresistible destination for many backpackers each and every year.

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