Top 10 Autobiographies

5. Memoirs of the Second World War – Winston Churchill

Famous British conservative politician Winston Churchill published a number of books during his life, however the one that stands out as most notable is this particular memoir- which documents his experiences as Prime Minister of the UK during the Second World War. From his election to power shortly after predecessor Neville Chamberlains declaration of war on Nazi Germany, all the way through the strife that was the Battle of Britain and the eventual invasion of fortress Europa itself- Churchill’s memoir documents his inner most anxiety’s and reservations throughout an era which made him a British hero.


4. The Soul of a Butterfly – Muhammad Ali

A poignant read, Muhammad Ali’s 2005 memoir is an insight into the mind of perhaps the most applauded Heavyweight Boxing Champion the world has ever seen. Striking a balance between his career as an athlete as well as his deeply seeded religious and spiritual beliefs, the book is well structured and certainly does well to bring forward his views upon the current state of the world. Tackling the harm faith can cause when used in the wrong way, Ali write’s with warmth and charisma to spread a message steeped in unity and love.


3. I am Ozzy – Ozzy Osbourne

Feral rock and roll madman turned television personality/part time feral rock and roll not-so-mad-anymore-man Ozzy Osbourne released this long awaited autobiography a couple of years back. I got hold of it pretty much right away- eager to see if there was any truth to be found behind the many, many myths. I quickly realised there was- this man has had quite the life, which I suppose is obvious simply from looking at him. From one hilarious tale to the next- this book is an obscene and deranged journey of debauchery.


2. Life – Keith Richards

Not usually known for his press quotes, it would be fair to say Keith Richards is certainly of the privative rock star variety. Despite this, we all know that during his half century tenure as the Rolling Stones lead guitarist- the tales he has to tell must be of unfathomable pricelessness. This book confirms those suspicions- taking the reader on a journey to the rock and roll of yesteryear, the original days. In a time so different, Keith describes at length his routines with regards to drugs and, in doing so makes you realise how much of a norm such outrageous and seemingly destructive tendencies were for people like him back then. Excellent work.


1. Cash – Johnny Cash

Recounting in his own words and on his own terms the many ups and downs on a long road from humble beginnings on a rural Arkansas farm right up until his days as a Sun Records recording artist- ‘Cash’ is a work of extreme humbleness. Not shying away from facing up to the many demons he faced in his time, Cash also does well to highlight moments perhaps more proud, with equal humility and grace. The charisma he showed in public during interviews and performances is carried into the book thanks to his talents as a writer, and by the end you’re just wishing you could have known the guy.


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