The Top Ten Oddest Things Ever Stolen

There’s a pack of gum from the grocery store and then there’s a handful of grapes popped into your mouth under the guise of testing them. You might breeze through a toll every now and then because you forget your change, or not let cashier know when she gave you too much of it. It seems we all are guilty of stealing. But some people take stealing to the extreme. We’re not talking about kleptomaniacs here. We are talking about truly bizarre, out there things that people have actually stolen.


10. Marla Maples’ Shoes:

In 1992 the then-girlfriend of Donald Trump noticed a little something strange about her closet. Over 40 pairs of her shoes were missing. Not thinking it was likely that they just walked away on their own, Maples installed a hidden surveillance camera. After watching the footage she discovered that it was her own publicist, Chuck Jones, who had liberated the footwear. All of the shoes were discovered in his closet along with an impressive collection of shoe fetishist literature.


 9. Church Pulpit:

You already know something’s wrong when the congregation decides it’s time to fire their pastor. When that pastor shows up with a truck in a U-Haul, however, things have seriously taken a turn for the worse. But this is exactly what happened when Rev. Robert L White was told, also in 1992, by his congregation that it was time to move on. He responded to the request by stealing the charges furniture, curtains, and the pulpit he preached behind. He also took the organ with him, but left the piano because the church was still making payments on it.


8. Home Away from Home:



Can you imagine showing up for vacation, all excited to kick back for a couple of weeks, only to find that your vacation home has disappeared? A New Hampshire couple experience just that when they showed up to their favorite home away from home only to discover that their 10 by 20 foot prefabricated vacation home weighing in at a mere 15 times had gone missing since the last time they had visited.


7. An Entire Front Lawn


Denise Thompson was minding her own business one day when she suddenly discovered something quite shocking—she’d been robbed. After bringing her children out to visit her husband at work that morning Denise returned home and gazed out her window to catch a glimpse of her lush front lawn. Only, it wasn’t there anymore. All of the grass and plants that had made up her lawn were missing. She was staring at an empty patch of dirt. Later neighbors told her that they had seen a truck and a trailer parked out in front of the house and figured they had been hired. Worst landscapers ever.


6. A Bridge in the Czech Republic:

Nobody thought anything of it when a group of men showed up at a Czech Republic railroad office and announced that they had been hired to tear down a bridge located over an abandoned railroad track so that a bike route could be built. It wasn’t until the entire 10-ton footbridge and 650 feet of railroad track disappeared along with the men that the authorities decided to check up on the paperwork they had been given. They found out that the gang of thieves had fabricated the paperwork and made off with the metal, presumably to sell it for scrap.


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