Ten Ways To Show Someone You Love Them



5. Support one of Their Hobbies

We all have different interests and sometimes someone we love can be interested in a hobby we have little or no interest in. While faking interest in it for yourself is probably a bad idea, it doesn’t take that much effort to learn the basics of most things. Take some time to learn a bit about whatever their favorite hobby is then get them a present that has to do with it.


4. Listen to Them

All of us have those days when the world seems to be out to get us. Those days when everything seems to be going wrong are really hard to deal with for any of us. When the loved one in your life is having one of those days sometimes the best thing in the world you can do is simply listen to them. You don’t have to try to help them solve their problems (and sometimes its better if you don’t) or make things better. Simply listening to a person vent about the things in their life that are tough is an excellent way to show you love someone.


3. Make a Scrapbook

Memories are important to all of us and your loved one is no different. Whether you have been together just a little while or been together for twenty years, you do have things you can put into a scrap book. A scrap book can be as simple as a photo album or even a song you wrote that goes through the lives you have shared. It doesn’t have to be fancy or professional because this is definitely one thing where the thought counts more than the result.


2. Throw an I love you Party

Sometimes making a big event out of how you feel about someone is the best way in the world to show them how much you love them. Call up their friends, family, and anyone else you can think of and throw a party simply because you love them. For the best result throw the party on a day when there is nothing else important like a birthday or holiday. Make this party about them and about how much you love them.


1. Remember the Little Things

Love isn’t just about special occasions and doing something special every so often. Love is about the day in and day out experience of sharing a life together. Sometimes we forget that when we share a life our actions affect the other person and sometimes we can hurt feelings without meaning to. This is why remembering the small things is such an important part of saying I love you. The little things are those things that seem like they are not a big deal like not leaving your clothes on the floor of the bathroom, or not moving the shaving cream, but to the other person they are and that’s why you want to remember the little things. The little things are about appreciation and respect and really don’t take that much effort and do a lot to make the other person happy.

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