Ten Places You Should Not Visit




Ramree Island - Ten Places you Should Not Visit
This particular island is actually a huge swamp in Burma and it is home to the most dangerous salt water crocodiles. Not only that, they are actually pretty huge in size too. They are considered to be the deadliest in the world. During the Second World War a six-week long battle was fought here and according to the reports, many of the soldiers were eaten alive by these reptiles in the dead of the night. Yeah, crocodiles are very fascinating, but try not invading their homeland. Crocodiles are safe to watch on the TV or in a zoo.



Linfin - Ten Places you Should Not Visit
The current population of the city is approximately 4.2 million people and it is considered to be one of the most polluted cities in the world. That pollution is primarily caused by a lot of coal power plants. The city is always dusty and filled with smog. The government is under constant pressure to clean up the city, but who can get rid of all the coal-burning power plants overnight. I wonder what the Chinese government is actually doing to clean the city. Anyway, if you are willing to destroy your lungs, you are welcome to go to the city.



Mud Volcanoes - Ten Places you Should Not Visit
The only reason this place is here because I was fascinated by the concept. Azerbaijan does not have a single active volcano. I am sure you know what a volcano is. So technically speaking, they don’t have those but they do have mud volcanoes which instead of ash and lava, burst out mud. It is not particularly dangerous to be there unless of course you are there at the wrong time. Feel free to visit if you are not worried about the tons of mud that you will be surrounded with as a consequence.



Mogadishu - Ten Places you Should Not Visit
This is the largest city of Somalia and also the capital. Until 2006, the city was run by warlords. Later though, Islamists and businessmen formed a coalition government. They seized control of the entire country except for Baidoa. The Ethiopian army has since tried to gain control of the country and the city is basically home to constant warfare and Somalia happens to be one of the least stable countries in the world.



Ilha - Ten Places you Should Not Visit
This particular place in Brazil is known as the Snake Island. This island is totally untouched by humans and not an ounce of development can be spotted. All due to one good reason; snakes. There is an estimate by researchers that around 1 to 5 snakes live per square meter on this island. So chances are that if you are standing on ground, you will be surrounded by 7 to 8 different snakes. The snakes on this island are the Golden Lancehead; it is fatal!

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