Ten of the Creepiest Abandoned Locations

A home. A school. A shopping center. A hospital. A structure can be active and vital one moment and then the last person steps away from it and the building is abandoned. As time passes and the building falls into neglect and disrepair an eerie, creepy feeling comes over it. There are innumerable abandoned locations throughout the world, left alone for one reason or another. These creepy structures draw the attention of adventurers who want to explore what time has reclaimed and get in touch with the past still living within the space. Here are ten of the creepiest abandoned locations still echoing with the reverberations and energy of the past.


10. Danvers State Insane Asylum

Also known as the State Lunatic Hospital at Danvers, this psychiatric hospital was built in 1874, then opened in 1878 with the goal of providing lodging and treatment for the mentally ill and developmentally challenged. Over the years the number of patients in the hospital swelled to over 2,000 despite being built only for 500. Reports came in that the treatments forced on patients included lobotomies, shock therapy, straitjackets and intensive drug courses. After 80 years of operation the asylum shut down and fell into disrepair. It became a favorite location of paranormal investigators wanting to explore the maze of underground tunnels and investigate the abandoned rooms that once held the suffering patients. Though it was bought and projected to become apartments, a mysterious fire ended these plans and left the building once again alone.


9. Church Hill Tunnel

Anywhere that still proudly refers to itself as the Capitol of the Confederacy is bound to be home to a variety of old, abandoned and creepy locations. One of the best Richmond, Virginia has to offer is referred to simply as the Church Hill Tunnel. All that can be seen of this abandoned train tunnel is a sealed-off entrance that speaks to the horror that occurred here. In 1925 the tunnel was a passageway for the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway until it collapsed around a work train, trapping the steam locomotive inside and killing the men inside. Though the official reports state only four men were killed, many Irish workers were thought to have been lost in the disaster but not reported due to their low value in society. The train remains in place and the tunnel continues to wreak havoc, destroying homes, buildings and roads as it shifts and settles around the locomotive and its victims.


8. Arizona Domes

No one knows the history of the Domes. These buildings sit on the edge of a residential neighborhood and range in shape from a saucer to a caterpillar, but all are large, geometric concrete structures without doors, beams or interior walls. Step inside and you will find huge open spaces decorated with decades of graffiti and teeming with a sense of dis-ease and foreboding. Rumors abound that the area is used for animal sacrifice, murder and Satanic rituals, though the evidence is shaky at best. Those who have visited the area, however, know that this abandoned space is anything but welcoming.


7. Oradour-sur-Glane

The atrocities of the Nazi regime left many places destroyed, but few are still in place, continuing to echo the horrors that seeped into the very ground. This is one such place, located in west-central France. Nearly 70 years ago the SS stormed into the village and systematically slaughtered 642 of the 650 residents with machine guns, bombs and flame. Though a new Oradour-sur-Glane village was built near the original location many decades later, a portion of the original still stands, largely unchanged from that horrific day. The shells of burned out buildings and cars remain untouched, while a museum that was established in the area contains items that belonged to the victims such as watches that stopped at the moment the flames consumed their owners.


6. Bhangarh, India

Considered to be the most haunted spot in India, this city was established as temples and fortresses in 1573. Legend holds that it was cursed by Balu Nath, a Guru living in a forbidden retreat near the city. He agreed that the city could be built under the condition that should the shadow of the palace touch his retreat, the city would no longer exist. The legend continues that a prince generations later insisted that the palace be increased in height to the point at which the shadow fell upon the retreat and the city was immediately cursed. The historic ruins still sit in their spots as though waiting for the thriving inhabitants to return.



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