Ten Most Expensive Countries


Ireland - Ten Most Expensive Countries
I don’t hear Ireland in many news or anywhere particularly but that primarily might be because I can be ignorant at times. Either way, it was a shock to know that this country actually takes the fifth spot. It is an island; actually the third largest island in Europe and twentieth in the world. Ireland has a population of around6,399,152 people. From a political perspective Ireland is comprised of two regions; the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, which actually is a part of the United Kingdom.



Finland - Ten Most Expensive Countries
This is another country I do not hear much about. The Republic of Finland is a Nordic Country and is located in Northern Europe. It is the eighth largest country in all of Europe when it comes to area and is home to around 5.4 million people. Between 12th and 1th Century, Finland was a part of Sweden and later it was considered to be a part of the Russian Empire. Later, on the 6th December of year 1917, they declared independence. Their currency is Euro and the government is Parliamentary Republic with Sauli Niinisto as the President and Jyrki Katainen as the Prime Minister.



Norway - Ten Most Expensive Countries
The Kingdom of Norway is a Nordic Country with a Unitary Constitutional Monarchy. King Harald V serves as the King, Jens Stoltenberg as the Prime Minister and Dag Terje Andersen as the President. In the year 2012, the population was estimated to be around 5,002,942 people. Their currency is Norwegian Krone. Norwegian is the official language of Norway with Oslo as the capital. It is very cold in Norway and also, Oslo is the largest city.



Switzerland - Ten Most Expensive Countries
The Swiss Confederation is highly popular for their watches, chocolates and banks. It is a federal republic with German, French, Italian and Romansh as the official languages. It is a very small country with around 7,952,600 people living. The Swiss Franc is the official currency and it is not a Schengen state.



Denmark - Ten Most Expensive Countries
This was truly a shocker since Denmark was no where in my head when I was compiling this list. The Kingdom of Denmark is located in Northern Europe with Danish as the official language. It is a Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy with Margrethe II as the Monarch and Helle Thorning-Schmidt as the Prime Minister. The population was estimated to be 5,543,453 in the year 2012 and  Danish Krone is the official currency in Denmark.

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  1. I dont think That Denmark is a expensive country in the world .I lived there and you know what..I can buy a bottle of beer in Denmark for only 10 danish kroner its around 1.2 euro compare when I bought in Norway same bottle of beer for 100 kroner..yes its true…I ate in Oslo for a medium size of a pizza and a two small pint of beer and Its cost me 350 norwegian kroner..its a 50 euro….Compare when Im eating in Copenhagen 30 kroner of a large pizza plus two beers and i paid only 50 kroners its around 8 euro only…And so on Even the prices there are sky rocketing………:) compare in Denmark..its cheap especially ready to wear garments…You can have a H&M shirts for only 5 euro compare in italy worth 20 euros…Minimum salary here in Denmark is 2,500 euro after taxes..yes after taxes of minimum of 38 percent….

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