Ten Largest Multi-Purpose Stadiums




Estadio - Ten of the Largest Multi-Purpose Stadiums
Estadio Azteca is situated in Santa Ursula, Mexico City, Mexico and is the official home stadium of the national football team of Mexico. During the summer Olympics of 1968, this stadium was used as a host for football matches. This is also the only stadium in the world to have hosted two FIFA World Cup Finals, in 1970 and 1986. The ‘Game of the Century’ between Italy and West Germany was also hosted in this particular stadium. West Germany lost that match. The capacity of this stadium is around 105,064 and is the largest stadium in Latin America.



Beaver Stadium - Ten of the Largest Multi-Purpose Stadiums
It is an outdoor football stadium located in University Park, Pennsylvania. It is situated on the campus of The Pennsylvania State University and home to the Penn State Nittany Lions. The stadium is named after James A. Beaver, former governor of Pennsylvania. The official seating capacity of this particular stadium is around 106,572. The stadium opened up on the 17th September 1960 and has been subject to countless expansions since its birth. The stadium is primarily used for American football.



Michigan Stadium - Ten of the Largest Multi-Purpose Stadiums
The Michigan Stadium is also known as ‘The Big House’. It is the official football stadium for the University of Michigan. It was built in the year 1927 and cost $950,000 at that time. The original capacity of the stadium was 72,000 however that figure has now changed to 109,901 because of several expansions during the years. It is the site for graduation ceremonies held by the university. The maximum people in the stadium were recorded to 114,804 to date. The stadium is usually used for American football.



Salt Lake Stadium - Ten of the Largest Multi-Purpose Stadiums
This happens to be a multi-purpose stadium built in Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal. It happens to be the second largest of its kind in the world. The official seating capacity of the stadium is around 120,000. The stadium is currently used for football matches and athletics. Salt Lake Stadium was built in 1984 and is owned by the Indian Football Association. The stadium covers an area of 76.40 acres. I certainly had not heard of this stadium until quite recently.



Rungrado - Ten of the Largest Multi-Purpose Stadiums
This stadium was constructed for the 13th World Festival of youth and Students in the year 1989. The stadium is currently used for football, athletics and Arirang performances. It can seat around 150,000 people making it the highest capacity a stadium can seat. The main pitch of the stadium covers over 22,500 square meters and the total floor space is 207,000 square meters. The stadium comprises of eight floors. The stadium opened up on the International Labor Day in 1989 and is located in Pyongyang, North Korea.

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