10 Scariest Urban Legends

This time around I am bringing you some of the scariest stories ever. These are the urban legends that are enormously popular globally. There is a possibility that you might have heard about them. Same was the case with me but then again, I had heard of only a few. Your opinions are quite welcome and if we miss out any you can inform us about it. An urban legend is a form of folklore consisting of stories that may or may not be true. These stories are popular irrespective of this fact. Another thing you should know is that an urban legend doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with an ‘urban area’. The only reason it is used is to differentiate between the modern era from the pre-industrial era. Enjoy the read.



The Boyfriend's Death - Ten Scariest Urban Legends
A couple is on a deserted road. The guy has to take relieve himself so he leaves his girl in the car. She’s waiting for her boyfriend to return and it has been long. Suddenly she starts to hear someone scratching the roof of the vehicle. She is frightened and begins to drive away. But she can’t because her rear bumper was tied to a tree with a rope. She finally gets to see that her boyfriend was hung on the roof of the car and the sound she heard were his shoes rubbing against the roof of the car.



Buried Alive - Ten Scariest Urban Legends
Long ago, we did not have sophisticated equipment to determine if the person was alive or not. There are times when it is really difficult to determine whether a person is even breathing or not and these days that is accomplished by the help of machines. So, this elderly woman pronounced dead was all set to be buried. Her husband wouldn’t let go of her because he thought she wasn’t dead. They buried the elderly woman. The body was later exhumed and the nails of the elderly woman were bent, and there were signs of struggle and nail marks on the inside of the coffin.



The Hook - Ten Scariest Urban Legends
A guy drives her girlfriend to this deserted road in order to have a little make-out session. He turns the radio on in order to set the mood. The mood’s all set and they begin to kiss. The music stops and an announcement comes up saying that a convicted murderer just escaped from an asylum. A man who kills with a hook. This scares the girl and she asks the boyfriend to take her home. She reaches home and starts screaming like crazy, because on the door is a hook.



Bloody Mary - Ten Scariest Urban Legends
I am sure you are familiar with this one. It was lastly featured in ‘paranormal activities’ if my memory is not mistaken. You go into a bathroom, stand in front of the mirror, turn the lights off and burn a candle. Start saying ‘Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary…’. Remember that there has to be more than two people. After the thirteenth time something weird is supposed to happen to you. There are many stories of this legend being true, the only problem is, I don’t have guts to even think of trying this. Do you?



Fatal Hairdo - Ten Scariest Urban Legends
There is this girl who wants her hair to be exactly the way it was popular in the 1960s. She wants this beehive hairdo which was apparently quite popular at the time. Using the conventional methods, she had to spend a lot of time getting ready so she decides to wash the hair with sugar water and then set them the way she wants after which she would carefully tie a towel around them. She went to sleep and never woke up again. Several rats and other insects had gnawed her to death. Dear God!


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