10 Most Unusual Prisons in the World




Sark - Ten Most Unusual Prisons in the World
This is the world’s smallest prison. It is located in Guernsey on the Island of Sark. The prison was built in the year 1856. If you look at the picture, you can see how small the prison really is. The prison can handle only two prisoners at one time and it is used for overnight stays quite frequently. If you do not ‘correct’ yourself, you will be thrown in an actual prison for an indefinite amount of time. Why bother with building such a small prison anyway?



Kresty - Ten Most Unusual Prisons in the World
The Kresty Prison is famous for being the world’s most overcrowded prison. It is located in Russia and the number of people it can hold is 3,000. Interestingly though, the prison is always home to at least 10,000 inmates. Each prisoner is allowed to shower for fifteen minutes every day and is given a space of 4 square meters. The prison will be relocated to the outskirts of Saint Petersburg on order of Vladimir Putin, after which the current building will be auctioned off. Some suppose that the current prison building will be converted into a hotel or something like that.



Justizzentrum - Ten Most Unusual Prisons in the World
The Justizzentrum Leoben happens to be nothing less than a five star prison. It looks like a beautiful office building made of glass. This particular prison is located in Austria and the funny thing is that most of the inmates are in prison for burglary. For some reason, people in Austria are attracted to burglary. The rate of burglaries compared to the United States is around 40% higher. The interesting bit is that most people would actually commit low-rate crimes to just get into a prison; they are that awesome.



Cebu - Ten Most Unusual Prisons in the World
The people in the Cebu Prison are the world’s most famous dancing inmates. Talk about entertainment and then expect them from murderers and rapists etc. You might be able to find videos of the inmates dancing to different tracks inside the prison. The inmates can play basketball, lift weights or even knife each other. The prison can handle at least 1,500 people performing at the same time (it’s that huge). The prison hosts live shows and you can buy T-shirts as souvenirs too. Life in this prison might not be that bad for few.



San Pedro - Ten Most Unusual Prisons in the World
At number one we have the San Pedro Prison where the inmates buy their cells. It is the biggest in the main city of Bolivia and it has around 1,500 inmates. The jail is nothing close to normal; children are playing around it, there are markets, restaurants, a hotel, the works. There are no metal bars on the windows and you will not see any guards or at least not in uniform. An inmate is quoted to have said, ‘if you have money you can live like a king’. You can buy nicer accommodations and other services.

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