10 Most Underrated Manga

I happen to be a huge fan of manga and anime alike. I was going through my weakly dose of manga comics when I came across this forum where many different series were discussed. That got me thinking and I decided to create a list of manga that actually deserves much better than it is getting from you guys in terms of ratings and views. There are countless manga out there and not every single series is actually worth your time but how do you get to know if it is worth your time? You hear it from other people and that’s how you start following it. But here’s the thing, not many people will actually spend the time to look for a manga they would like to ride. I took the trouble for you guys and decided to list down some of the manga that you might actually be interested in. I decided to give these a read and I went through their pilots. Believe me when I say it’s not too bad. The manga name is followed by the original plot summary to give you an idea of what the manga really is. Enjoy the read!



Japan - Underrated Manga
A collaborative anthology of short stories in which Japanese artists present stories inspired by the places in which they live and French artists present stories inspired by towns and cities in Japan that they visited for the purpose of creating this project. The seventeen stories range from autobiography, travelogue pieces and cultural commentary to sci-fi speculation, surrealism and wordless art manga.



Japan Tengu Party Illustrated - Underrated Manga
The ”tengu”, arrogant magical creatures from traditional Japanese folkore, exist. Nothing but disgraced and scattered remnants of the species remain today, but a few individuals raise the signal to gather all tengu together from all over the country and rule Japan as is their birthright. We follow a group of humans and tengu, as questions begin to raise about the tengu’s very nature. The ”Tengu Party” hits the stage.



Sumire Sixteen - Underrated Manga
On her first day of school, Renge Ohyama meets an outgoing, cheerful girl named Sumire… who is actually a life-sized puppet controlled by a strange old man. While treated as an oddity at first, Sumire wins over hearts and makes friends using her friendly nature.



Beyond Twilight - Underrated Manga
Ritsu has inherited the power to see the spirit world from his late grandfather, a famous novelist and spiritualist. With the power comes frightening vulnerabilities, for spirits, good and evil, tend to notice those who notice them. Fortunately, Ritsu is protected by a most unusual, but not necessarily benevolent, spirit.



Jungle Taitei - Underrated Manga
In a jungle in Africa right on the equator there was a white lion, Panja, who was called the “Emperor of the Jungle.” But Panja is killed by a hunter. His wife, the Queen of Jungle, who has been caught by the hunter, gives birth to the son of Panja on a ship bringing them to a zoo. She names her son “Leo” and has him escape from the ship, saying, “Go back to Africa and become the successor of your father.” Then a storm comes and the ship is overturned, and sinks with the Queen on it. Leo is washed up on the beach of a port town in the Arabian Peninsula, not Africa. This is where Leo’s long adventure begins.


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