10 of the Most Beautiful Animals

5. Lion

Lion - Ten Most Beautiful Animals
They belong to the family of Felidae and are one of the four big cats. Some of the male exceed 250 kilograms in weight. They happen to be the second largest living cat after the tiger. Mostly these animals can be found in Africa and parts of Asia (natively). Around 10,000 years ago they were the largest mammals (in numbers) to roam the planet. They live around ten to fourteen years in the wild however if they are in captivity their age might increase to around twenty years. The male lion is easily distinguishable because of the mane around the neck which looks absolutely stunning in my opinion.


4. Dolphin

Dolphin - Ten Most Beautiful Animals
They are aquatic mammals. Dolphins are very closely related to whales too which is weird considering the difference in their aggression. There are around forty different species of dolphins alive which vary in size. They can measure from 1.2 to 9.5 meters in length and can weigh between 40 kilograms to 10 tons. They can be found in the shallow seas and would usually feed on fish and squid. They belong to the family of Dephinidae. They are considered to be very intelligent and are quite playful too.


3. Eagle

Eagle - Ten Most Beautiful Animals
These birds belong to the family of Accipitridae. They have many different species with over sixty found in Eurasia and Africa. Move out from these regions and you will find around 2 species in the United States and Canada, 9 species in Central and South America and another 3 in Australia. These are birds of prey and are usually very large in size and strongly built. They usually live in nests built on high cliffs or trees; gorgeous creatures. Just so you know, an eagle is not just one bird, there are many species and the third spot goes to every single one of them.


2. Lynx

Lynx - Ten Most Beautiful Animals
This is a name you do not frequently hear. There are around four different species of medium-sized wildcats and a lynx can refer to any one of those. The name Lynx originated in Middle English. They belong to the family of Felinae. They usually have short tails and black hair on the tips of their ears. They have a ruff right under the neck. These are the primary characteristics of a lynx. The largest among these species is the Eurasia Lynx.


1. Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolf - Ten Most Beautiful Animals
These guys are polar wolves or white wolves. They descend from the gray wolf and are mammals that belong to the family of Canidae. They can usually be found in the Canadian Arctic and parts of Alaska. You see a wolf-like creature and its pure white, you know it’s an arctic wolf. They are the only subspecies of wolf that are not threatened and that can be attributed to the fact that they rarely come across human contact.

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