10 Most Anticipated PC Games

I have been talking about console games for a while now so I decided to do a list for the PC gamers. Considering, I am a PC gamer myself, I should have made this list earlier but better late than never. I actually prefer gaming on PC because it is much more convenient for me; I mean I can’t even imagine playing shooting games on a console. Consoles are perfect for football and racing games but I would prefer a PC for other gaming including strategy and RPGs. Anyway, without further ado, I present to you the ten most anticipated games for PC. I am pretty sure I must have missed a couple of franchises even though I can’t think of any at the moment. If so, please do not hesitate to let us know, your opinions are always welcome.



FireFall - Ten Most Anticipated PC Games
The being is being developed by the Red 5 Studios and is perhaps one of the most interesting shooters to be released this year. You can play it online for free and it allows you to switch roles as well. You can take roles like healing or turret fire and even long-ranged enemies therefore, engaging many different enemies. This particular aspect of the game should keep you guys interested and entertained for a long time. Even though the game is more about shooting, the story still is pretty kicking. Enjoy!


9. PREY 2

Prey 2 - Ten Most Anticipated PC Games
The original Prey was released in 2006 and it has been a long wait for Prey fans. Prey 2 is a first-person shooter game that is all set to be released this year. Human Head Studios have done an amazing job with the game. The game focuses on Killian Samuels. He is in a flight when the plane crashes onto the Sphere. He encounters some aliens and is rendered unconscious. The plot jumps forward several years from there. He is a bounty hunter in Exodus, an alien world. He has no memory but he managed to retain his skills. He has to recover his memory.



It is basically a very standard MMO game. Bluehole Studio is behind the development. It has many different quests to offer and it plays like a third-person action game. Positioning and movements are very critical to this game. It doesn’t work like your everyday game where the enemy has targeted you and you will automatically be hit. You can evade the attacks by simple movements. The visuals of this game are really awesome and it offers a smooth run to top it off. Enjoy!



Borderlands 2 - Ten Most Anticipated PC Games
The game is the second installment of the 2009 Borderlands. It is due to be released in September this year. The game is being developed by Gearbox Software. It is a first person shooter, technically. You select one of the four new characters. Every single character has a unique skill and proficiency with a weapon. Different quests are assigned to you. You win money and items and you earn experience points. You can also consider it an action role-playing game.



XCOM - Ten Most Anticipated PC Games
This is supposed to be an upcoming strategy game. It is currently under development by Firaxis Games and is supposed to be release in October 2012. The game is a re-make of UFO: Enemy Unknown that was released back in 1994. It is set in the modern-day Earth and deals with an alien invasion. You will be the commander of XCOM. It is the most elite military organization ever, that is engaged in a war against in a battle with an enemy that is far better with technology and military might.

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