10 Most Anticipated Games of 2012




Metal Gear - Most Anticipated Games in 2012
The game is all set to be released during the late 2012 or even the early 2013. I am placing my bets on a 2012 release. It is an action video game and is being developed by Platinum Games. You assume the control of a ninja called Raiden. The game focuses on swordfighting and cutting and it is real graphic. You can also engage yourself in a third-person melee combat. You can precisely slash at objects and enemies. The interesting bit is that you can cut absolutely anything in this game including vehicles; should be fun, I can’t wait.


4. HALO 4

Halo 4 - Most Anticipated Games in 2012
Officially announced in 2011, the game will be developed by the 343 industries and follows a typical first-person shooter style gaming. It is all set to be released worldwide on November 6, 2012. John-117 is back and is playable as a protagonist. It does not rely on mystery, exploration and discovery as much as the other installments. You have an entirely new planet to explore though which should be fun. The content is fresh and it is supposed to kick start a brand new trilogy. This is not the end folks.



The Last Guardian - Most Anticipated Games in 2012
The guys behind the development of this game did a fantastic job in thinking outside the box. That sort of thinking provides the users with a completely unique and gripping experience. The game is more than just a time-kill for gamers. The storytelling is unparalleled and the gameplay is superb. The release date is still in question though it should be somewhere in this month so keep your wallets at the ready folks. Loads of other good stuff is coming up too.



Mass Effect 3 - Most Anticipated Games in 2012
It is an action role-playing game that was announced back in the year 2010. It deserves the spot of number 2 for several reasons. You should know that the combat has been changed massively and is nothing like the first two installments and the cover system in particular have been improved. You can move around a lot in the battlefield scoring yourself melee kills. The AI was greatly improved and a four-player multiplayer cooperative mode is also available if you so choose to try it.



BioShock Infinite - Most Anticipated Games in 2012
BioShock is without a doubt one of the most awesome gaming series of this generation; pure genius. They took the game to a completely different direction with their latest installment. The work on Columbia is surprisingly and disturbingly detailed and don’t even get me started on the relationship of Booker and Elizabeth. If you disagree with me, then you need to see the demo at the latest E3 conference. It was beyond just epic.

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